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Covid-19 Data Bulletin

We’ve been sending our subscribers daily covid-19 email bulletins since 20/03/2020. Here you can browse all of our previous daily updates.

June 11th 2020

Covid-19 Bulletin 056

Welcome to today’s bulletin where we’ll be looking at ghostly apparitions and the lure of stock trading. Don’t forget to subscribe to our bulletins if you haven’t already.

June 10th 2020

Covid-19 Bulletin 055

Welcome back to another Covid-19 data bulletin. Today we’re looking at the rise of birdwatching during the pandemic, and how some previously covered trends are fairing now. Want these bulleti...

June 9th 2020

Covid-19 Bulletin 054

Welcome back to our daily Covid-19 bulletins. Today we’re looking at a rising interest in history, and people using their time to redecorate. Don’t forget to subscribe to get these bull...

June 8th 2020

Covid-19 Bulletin 053

Welcome back to another week of bulletins. Today we’re looking at how the online Covid-19 discussion continues to shrink, and how movement in cities continues to grow. Don’t forget to s...

June 5th 2020

Covid-19 Bulletin 052

Happy Friday, everyone. Today we’re looking at optimism around the world, and homemade cocktails Subscribe below if you want these bulletins sent straight to you inbox.

June 4th 2020

Covid-19 Bulletin 051

Welcome back. Today we’re taking a look at people’s health and safety fears, along with the rise of pandemic investing. Want these bulletins sent straight to your inbox each day? Click ...

June 3rd 2020

Covid-19 Bulletin 050

Welcome to our 50th bulletin so far. Today we’re looking at the effects of the lockdown on us, and how TikTok is faring. Click the button below to get subscribed to these bulletins.

June 2nd 2020

Covid-19 Bulletin 049

Welcome to today’s bulletin. This time we’re looking at anxiety levels around the world, and how the auto industry has been affected. Click the button below to sign up for these bulleti...

June 1st 2020

Covid-19 Bulletin 048

Welcome back to our daily bulletins. We hope everyone had a safe weekend. Today we’re looking at how much attention we’re paying to Covid-19 content, and at people who are still looking...

May 29th 2020

Covid-19 Bulletin 047

Here’s our last bulletin of the week. Today we’re looking at people’s concerns in life and work, plus home improvement under lockdown. If you want to get our bulletins as soon as ...

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