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New Report: Consumer Trends for 2020

We bring together global survey and social data to find the biggest consumer trends in your region.

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Game of Thrones on Reddit: Brandwatch’s Infographic Reveals Most Underrated Characters

New York, July 13, 2017 — Brandwatch, the world’s leading social intelligence company, in association with Dr. Jillian Ney, today released a new infographic that examines Redditors’ Game of Thrones character predilections ahead of Sunday’s season seven premiere.


The infographic features the below key findings, and more:

  • The most popular time to post in r/GameOfThrones is 1pm EST on Wednesdays.
  • There is a direct correlation as to whether a character is underrated or overrated based on the screen time he/she receives, and the action they’re undertaking in that time.
  • House Frey narrowly beats the houses of Greyjoy and Arryn to round out the top-five most discussed houses on r/GameOfThrones.


“The great thing about social data is that it allows you to not only interpret what people are saying on social, but the thoughts and feelings that fuel their posts,” said Dr. Ney. “Game of Thrones is the perfect subject to examine through social data, and with its massive universe and character roster, people have a lot of topics to cover online.”


The data reveals that popular characters, like Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen, dominate conversation of the show, but it also divulged that many unsung characters get their time in the social spotlight when fans discuss and dissect aspects of the show on Reddit.


You can discover all of the Reddit data insights in our in-depth blog here.

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Brandwatch is the world’s leading social intelligence company. The company’s flagship products, Brandwatch Analytics and the Vizia platform, fuel smarter decision making around the world.

The Brandwatch Analytics platform gathers millions of online conversations every day and provides users with the tools to analyze them, empowering the world’s most admired brands and agencies to make insightful, data-driven business decisions. The Vizia platform distributes visually-engaging insights to the physical places where the action happens.

The Brandwatch platform is used by over 1,300 brands and agencies, including Unilever, American Airlines, Whirlpool, Asos, Walmart, British Airways, and Dell. Brandwatch continues on its impressive business trajectory, recently named a global leader in enterprise social listening platforms by the latest reports from several independent research firms. Increasing its worldwide presence, the company has offices around the world including Brighton, New York, San Francisco, Berlin, Stuttgart, Paris and Singapore.

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About Dr. Jillian Ney

Dr. Jillian Ney is a Digital Behavioral Scientist. She uses social data to understand how people make decisions, giving her clients the insight they need to nudge their customer behavior.

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