Introducing: The Digital Consumer Intelligence Maturity Model

How connected is your organization to its customers?

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Digital Transformation

Build a data-driven culture. Slow companies, stuck in inertia because it’s “what we’ve done for years”, will always lose. The world’s fastest growing companies change course when needed to keep in touch with consumer needs.

Why Brandwatch?

Understand consumers at every touchpoint

Make sense of fragmented and complex customer journeys by automatically segmenting and analyzing consumer conversations at every digital touch point.

Integrate relevant data from across your business

Spot opportunities for optimization and identify customer drop off points with an integrated data approach. Bring in the data you care about to get the complete picture of your customer experience.

Share insights live, with zero effort

Bring the voice of the customer to every department in your organization. Distribute insights directly to decision makers with live reports, insight screens and email updates.

Why Brandwatch?

Without Brandwatch

Customers switch to competitors with no reason why

With no single source of truth you reinvent the wheel for every data request

Your business is hamstrung by slow decision making

With Brandwatch

Instantly identify and fix customer pain points

Build one single source of truth to answer every question about your consumers

Every employee has access to live data to make informed decisions quickly

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