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The big picture.

A data visualization platform designed to bring social and marketing insights to life.

See your marketing and analytics data visualized in real-time, across your organization, anywhere in the world.

Key features

  • Curate

    Choose impactful visualizations to represent your data

  • Combine

    Integrate data sources to gain a view of the big picture.

  • Connect

    Bring your stories to life on any screen, anywhere.

Impossible-to-ignore insights.

Crisis management, customer insights, real-time marketing…No matter what your objective, over 40 visualizations will do your data justice.

Your teams become more engaged and ready to act on opportunities. That report you’ve been working on for days? Get it noticed.

"The visual alerting system is my favorite aspect of Vizia, because it enables us to provide better customer service, and helps us with brand reputation management." – American Airlines

From crises to consumer insights, how American Airlines stays on top of it all with Vizia.

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Your marketing data, like never before.

Bring it all together with Vizia. Combine data sources with powerful integrations. Display report data from Salesforce, while keeping track of your Google Analytics Goals. A full-funnel view like never before.

Take the data that matters most to you, and bring it to life. We’ve created the Vizia Framework - a development framework that allows you to build custom integrations.

"The ability to seamlessly integrate different data sources allows us to blend social with any other data source. We already have data such as consumer contact centre and Google Analytics data blended with social data." – Unilever

Explore the integrations

Global distribution, made easy.

Welcome to a new age of marketing insight distribution. Simply drag and drop to send your Vizia content to your network of screens, and take full control.

Don’t let your insights get lost in an email or a powerpoint. Any screen, anywhere can be turned into an impactful data display.

"Our vision at Dell is to really understand our customers and as a result, how our business is aligned to needs and impact. Vizia leverages the power of visual content to deliver insight to our business from all sides of the house." – Dell

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Drive real business value with Vizia

Learn how Vizia can help your teams respond quicker, be more customer-centric and prove the value of their work.

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Don’t just take our word for it

Understand how our customers rely on Vizia to protect their brands, create opportunities and drive data-driven strategies across the business.

One of the challenges the Vizia platform helps us tackle is turning complex information into something easier to digest, so that it can have an impact both on brand communication and on the business.

- Patricia Medina, Vector B/ Grupo Bimbo,

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