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Take Control of your Paid Social: How to run high ROI, targeted Twitter Ad campaigns

Learn from Twitter on how to optimize your advertising to get the most return
Our guests
Lauren Jenkins
Senior Program Manager
Michael Paglino
Client Partner, Retail
Hosted by
Nick Taylor
Product Marketing Manager

About the Webinar

Identifying and understanding the right target audiences is the best way to deliver promoted Twitter campaigns that have a real impact. Spend smarter in 2018 by ensuring more of your budget goes toward reaching the right people with the right content.

Join Nick Taylor, Product Marketing Manager at Brandwatch, Lauren Jenkins, Senior Program Manager and Michael Paglino, Client Partner, Retail at Twitter as they discuss how to customize your messaging and strategy to fit your tailored audiences. After this webinar you’ll be able to bid high with confidence by knowing you’re getting the best return.

What you will learn

  • How to fine-tune target audiences for your promoted campaigns and maximize conversion rates
  • How to capitalize on secondary reach using buzz-generating campaigns targeted at high-impact people
  • How to use data-led insights to tailor your content to the most valuable segments in your target audiences

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