Webinar: Social Insights

Social media monitoring may have gotten its start as just another weapon in the marketer’s arsenal, but smart organizations around the world have realized that the sky’s the limit when it comes to the benefits that social insights can provide.

Webinar: Command Centers

Ever since the first social command centers started appearing several years ago, they have attracted much attention and also some skepticism.

Webinar: Tracking Campaigns

This webinar includes a demo of how to use some of these features in the Brandwatch platform, and is suitable for both users of Brandwatch and those interested…

Webinar: Query Top Tips

In this webinar, we discuss advanced tips for writing Queries, from ways to optimize your standard brand Queries to extra special tricks to find more specific types of conversation.

Webinar: The Power of APIs

Using a powerful platform for your social listening and social monitoring is great, but what happens when you want to take your data out of that platform?

Webinar: Community Study

Social media measurement is, of course, incredibly important, but it’s essential to look beyond just the numbers and explore the people behind the conversation.

Webinar: Finding Influencers

This webinar is ideal for both marketers looking to learn more about influencers, and Brandwatch users keen on maximising their usage of the platform.


Webinar: Conquer the Query

Good social media monitoring starts with a good query. However, Query-writing can be a complex business, and we know it’s not always easy to get them as accurate as you would like — especially if you’ve got a tricky brand name.

Webinar: All About Insights

Jeff Zabin, Research Director at Gleanster and Eve Sangenito, VP of Marketing at Brandwatch, discuss Gleanster’s latest research on best practices in social media monitoring and analysis and share how you can move your…

Webinar: Brandwatch Vizia

Brandwatch Vizia — a next-generation social command centre product that effortlessly reshapes your real-time social data into interesting, engaging, and beautiful visualisations that are equally as insightful and meaningful.


Webinar: Scaling for Success

We’ve partnered to combine HootSuite’s social relationship platform with Brandwatch’s deep social listening and analytics—creating a comprehensive social listening and engagement solution.