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Published January 31st 2023

10 Major Brandwatch Updates to Help Your Company Thrive in 2023

This year, more than ever, brands will have to navigate economic, social, and political change, which is why we’ve been consolidating and expanding our product suite. In the past year at Brandwatch, we’ve brought together efficient and intelligent tools that brands need to adapt, survive, and thrive in uncertain times, all under one roof. 

Last year alone, our R&D teams shipped over 60 new releases and product updates, and countless smaller improvements.

We launched brand-new products and integrations. We have built better connections and workflows between the tools you use. And we’ve introduced a new Academy to help Brandwatch users on their way to successful results.

Here are the highlights.

1. More tools, one unified user experience

A lot has changed in the Brandwatch suite in the last two years. Brandwatch and Falcon.io merged, and we acquired the influencer marketing platform, Paladin. This has brought many existing customers (and, since then, new customers) onto one suite. You can now manage your consumer research, social media, and influencer marketing all from the same platform. 

To support this extended set of workflows, we’ve made it possible to access all Brandwatch products with a single login and an app switcher that lets you navigate between the tools quickly and easily.

We have even more exciting plans this year, including a new, smart homepage that draws real-time insights from the products you use and smoother onboarding for new suite users.

2. End-to-end influencer marketing

There’s no doubt that influencer marketing as a strategy is becoming increasingly important for brands to reach consumers effectively and authentically.

Our new Brandwatch Influence product lets you discover influencers, handle relationships, and measure and manage campaigns in one place.

We also launched a new integration with Influence and Shopify Analytics, allowing you to get an even better view of the real ROI of your influencer marketing initiatives and find the best influencers to collaborate with.

3. Synchronized data for seamless collaboration

On day one of the merger of Brandwatch and Falcon.io, we launched Listen, a social listening tool for marketers. Listen is powered by data from over 100m sites, and it offers powerful out-of-the-box analytics with easy-to-use templates for searches.

Now, you can sync the queries you create in Brandwatch Consumer Research, our flagship deep research tool, with Listen. Listen is also integrated with Engage, our customer engagement tool.

This allows researchers and analysts to save time getting insights to the right teams by sending consistent data sets across to our Social Media Management solution, so everyone is working from the same source of truth. 

4. Introducing Brandwatch Academy

The new Brandwatch Academy is where our customers can quickly and easily onboard new teams onto our growing suite of products. It’s a learning hub for onboarding and training that works for all teams with any skill set.

Everyone learns best in different ways, and with our new (and always expanding) collections of courses, videos, and quizzes, we’ve made getting up to speed with our products quick and easy.

And for the more experienced users, there’s even more to learn with courses to test your skills and knowledge and ensure you always get the most out of our industry-leading technology.

5. Smarter, faster segmentation

Segmenting your data is arguably the most important step for turning large amounts of unstructured data into valuable insights. Brandwatch has offered market-leading segmentation capabilities for over a decade, with highly customizable keyword rules and proprietary machine learning classifiers. But honestly, it was hard to master and took a long time to set up properly.

So, we’ve made it easier. 

How much easier? For example, we’ve reduced the number of clicks needed to create complex segmentations by nearly 75%. Add to this that now you can manage the whole thing from one place. 

That’s easy. 

6. Official TikTok partners, helping you engage new audiences

TikTok was the most downloaded app in 2022, and brands are investing heavily to reach the next generation of consumers there. Last year, we were among the first official marketing partners TikTok invited to develop their new API, and we jumped at the opportunity. 

Our new integration lets you manage your TikTok accounts from one interface alongside your other social channels. We built it so you can publish and measure the success of your TikTok content and engage with your fans and customers, all straight from the Brandwatch platform.

7. Deeper Meta integrations

As official Meta partners, we often have early access to the newest innovations from Facebook and Instagram. We were launch partners for Recurring Notifications, a brand-new tool for creating more personalized customer engagement. They’re like newsletters, only much more effective, and you can reach people where they spend their time via the Messenger app.

We also added publishing support for Reels, Carousels, and Product Tags and the ability to track and measure Reels in our social listening tools; Consumer Research and Listen.

8. Next generation reviews analytics

Gain a deep understanding of customer needs, product strengths, and weaknesses with Reviews 2.0, the newest evolution of our review analytics solution.

We introduced new analytics components for researching and segmenting products, brands, and features and new dashboards for quicker insight discovery. 

We also added the ability to track entire product categories, allowing you to analyze every competitive product on the market and quickly identify newcomers. 

9. Google reviews at your fingertips

Whatever your business, Google is probably still the first place most people go to find out more about your products or services. Our new integration with Google Business Profiles lets you manage all your Google reviews in one place to streamline workflows and never miss a thing.

Make sure you’re aware of every review that customers publish, so you can identify emerging issues happening globally or localized and show people you care by responding quickly and appropriately.

10. Ready to Use Reddit Social Panels

Ready to Use Reddit Social Panels skips the creation part of a social panel, instead replacing it with a library of expertly curated panels for the user to choose from. Once a panel has been selected, users can continue their consumer persona analysis, in the same way that they would if they had made the panel themselves. 

Learn more about Reddit's partnership with Brandwatch.

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