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Published February 22nd 2012

5 Ways to Inject Some Fun Into Your Internet Marketing

Not every product or brand is exciting but it doesn’t mean you can’t embrace some seriously fun marketing techniques.

With the growth of the internet, there are many new ways of communicating with your clients and customers and using these new, exciting ways of outreach is the perfect way to inject some fun into your marketing schemes, and even inject some fun into your office too!

Get your social on

Setting up an account on Facebook and Twitter allows for some great interaction between consumers and sellers. Use these mediums to spark friendly debate, share jokes, have friendly banter and help customers out too.

Make the brand voice friendly and fun and you’ll find that clients and customers will be eager to ask for help or drop you a tweet.

Talk to brands similar to your own too and get involved in the industry community: it could lead to being invited along to conferences or just to some drinks down at the pub.

It means your brand and your company is becoming more and more well-known though.

Run a crazy competition

Set up some competitions that your clients and customers can enter. Try not to make them too confusing or time consuming – but make them interesting and fun.

Something as simple as posting a funny photograph on facebook and asking your fans to comment with a funny quotation can work wonders.

Think about running discounts online too for marketing purposes. Pizza Hut publish different discount codes on their facebook page and twitter feed every day, which guarantees them a constant audience and means that their fans and customer base get something for making the effort the visit their page.

Think about going visual

Some of the most successful and fun marketing schemes over the last few years have been ones that have been shared over websites such as

When people see a funny video, they want to share it straight away, so by investing in this method you are guaranteeing yourself some seriously increased audience numbers.

Think about the first time you watched the Cadbury monkey playing the drums, that’s the kind of thing you should be channelling: something original, witty and just plain fun to watch.

If you get your team involved in creating the video too, you are looking at some great team building success!

Make a funny slogan or character

It’s always the catchy, silly or the cute things that tend to add the most fun to marketing so think about making a brand mascot or funny slogan.

Consider the huge success Compare the Market have had with their Meerkat counterparts – instead of promoting their service with a boring, dull advert they created a hilarious cast of characters (which actually has nothing to with their product) but that people will remember and impersonate.

Think outside the box

Some of the most fun marketing campaigns are often the weirdest. Mini launched an app in the last year which meant whoever was holding a virtual baton within the application meant that when the timer ran out they would win a car.

The twist being that whoever had the app, but not the baton could pinch it off you if they got within 50m of your phone. It took virtual marketing and using mobile applications to a whole new, incredibly exciting level.

Ellie Rose works in the marketing department for If you’re looking for an exciting and unique gift, then browse their range of activities including spa days, driving experiences and thrilling adventures.

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