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Published February 18th 2019

Bigger, Better Brandwatch: An Update on the Brandwatch/Crimson Hexagon Merger

Brandwatch CEO Giles Palmer provides an update on the progress of our recent merger.

Since we announced our merger with Crimson Hexagon back in October, we’ve been hard at work planning how our new combined company will look.

It’s a project that comes with all kinds of hurdles, but also plenty of harmonious moments and a growing sense of excitement.

This year we will combine our products and create new AI-driven technology that helps every decision maker better understand their customers.

We’re motivated by a combined purpose:

We bring structure and meaning to the voices of billions of people so that our customers can make decisions that truly connect with consumer needs.

Our mission? To build a new kind of intelligence.

Our combined value

We are building a combined offering that will go beyond joining the best of both companies and products.

With our combined resources, we’re creating something that will lead the industry through innovation and through integration.

Our combined value has four pillars:

  • We have a massive data library of consumer opinions
  • We are using AI technologies to detect and deliver insights on that information
  • We are building a brand new solutions-oriented platform that is designed for the modern digital organization
  • Our teams have the experience required to serve a global enterprise business

Let’s zoom in on each of those.

Largest archive of consumer opinions

We’ll be offering our customers instant access to the world’s largest library of consumer conversations.

That includes:

  • 1.2 trillion+ posts back to 2008
  • 15 billion posts added each month
  • 100 million sources across the globe

Our archive includes social media data, which is a rich source of unsolicited consumer thought, plus many, many other types of information such as forums, reviews, and blogs, and you can also add your own first party data.

This is far more than just finding opinions about your brand – it’s your path to getting insight into how your market thinks, feels and reacts to your products, your campaigns, your brand and more.

This is the biggest archive of consumer opinions on the planet.

AI-powered insights

With a massive data repository, artificial intelligence provides the behind-the-scenes technology to go from data to analytics to insights, at enormous scale.

This means you don’t just see what consumers are saying, you see what it means, and why it matters.

Our combined offering will include:

  • Machine learning and rules-based analysis
  • Image analytics, for understanding visual content
  • Iris, the AI assistant, to surface insights
  • Predictive alerts, for automated trend detection

These integrated capabilities and our continued innovation will drive our shared mission to build a new type of intelligence that combines Crimson Hexagon’s world-class AI and machine learning and Brandwatch’s fast and flexible data handling.

With all this and an expanding data library that will include new consumer data sources that go beyond social listening, everyone in your organization will be able to make informed business-critical decisions at scale and with confidence.

An enterprise-scale suite

We are building a brand new solutions-oriented platform that is designed for the modern digital organization. It will surface insights for everyone in the enterprise and, with the support of Vizia, enable these insights to be shared in real-time wherever they are needed.

Put that all together and you’ve got:

  • A suite of products to scale across the organization
  • An intuitive experience for everyone from the casual user to the trained analyst
  • Vizia reporting application to share live insights

Global customer success

Customer success is central to everything we do at Brandwatch. Our teams have the experience required to serve a global enterprise business but, most importantly, they share an authentic dedication to making all our customers successful.

We already offer our clients support, training, strategy, and insights from a global team that’s totally dedicated to customer success. That’s only going to get stronger as we bring our teams together.

Our global customer success team are dedicated to helping you embed the voice of your customers and achieve meaningful digital transformation across your organization.

Brandwatch now:

  • Has the largest services team in the industry
  • Is working with with 50% of the Fortune 100
  • Has a 99% customer satisfaction score

When’s it coming?

We plan to launch the first version of our integrated product this October, and in the meantime our customers will benefit from a number of cross-product updates that we’ll continue to deliver throughout 2019.

We’ll keep you posted, but if you’re interested then why wait? You can get in touch to experience the power of all of the incredible capabilities Brandwatch has right now.

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