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Published February 5th 2014

British Red Cross Adapts Social Strategy for Campaign Success

The British Red Cross raises over £500,000 for the Hurricane Sandy Appeal by reacting faster and adapting intelligently.

Download the full case study to find out more.


The British Red Cross is a volunteer-led humanitarian organization that helps people in crisis, whoever and wherever they are. The charity has been helping people around the world for nearly 150 years, responding quickly to disasters and working with international communities to prepare for future crisis.

These are the facts about the charity that most people already know. What is perhaps unknown is that The British Red Cross is a historic charity taking a modern approach with social.

A cross-functional social solution

As a not-for-profit company the British Red Cross has to act smart when using social media. The charity uses social data for many purposes, across several departments within the organization.

They wanted to use a monitoring and analysis platform that would allow the organization to centralize and manage all social activities from one place. Brandwatch Analytics proved the platform of choice.

“Straight away on the trial, we just found the platform so easy to use. The simplicity of basic functions such as defining your search terms gave us a really good first impression compared to other monitoring tools,” said Ed Lyon, Social Media Officer at The British Red Cross.

As a large organization with various departments from PR, Marketing and the Fundraising teams all using and engaging with social media on a daily basis the charity found Brandwatch Analytics enabled them to streamline their social activity.

“We use Brandwatch’s alerts and workflows to assign different types of information to the relevant members of each team,” said Lyon.

Ready to react

Global disasters are often heard on social channels before they break on news channels, therefore volume of conversation surrounding a disaster or crisis can quickly become unmanageable and intensify rapidly.

The British Red Cross needed to ensure they were prepared. The charity had three key areas it needed Brandwatch Analytics to deliver on, and we always deliver;

1. Capture data from millions of sources in multiples languages

Brandwatch Analytics crawls millions of sources every day in 27 languages. We’ve built our own advanced technology which allows us to crawl and gather data not just from social networks but also forums, blogs and news sites.

2. Enable fast and easy queries of the data

Brandwatch has extremely powerful query building features, allowing our clients to pull back data accurately and efficiently.

3. Present results in easily digestible formats

Brandwatch Analytics offers fully customizable dashboards, allowing clients to easily export and share data and charts.


Capitalizing on campaign success

The British Red Cross put Brandwatch Analytics into action during a real-life crisis.

When Hurricane Sandy hit in 2012 conversation online surrounding the disaster hit colossal volumes.

The British Red Cross needed to act quickly and kick start their fundraising activities to get aid to the people who needed it. The time frame was tight.

Want to find out how the charity used Brandwatch to react quickly to the disaster? Download the full case study to find out more.

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