Brandwatch Analytics

A social media monitoring platform for businesses who care what customers say

Listen, analyze and act with confidence

Find more value in the social data that’s important to your business with
our advanced social media monitoring and analytics platform.

Data from millions of sources

Our proprietary technology collects mentions from millions of online sources, from news articles and blog posts to tweets and Facebook statuses, so you can discover the conversation that matters most to your brand.

Give your business a countless variety of competitive advantages

Our clients are regularly finding new ways to harness the power of social data

Marketing measurement

Competitor benchmarking

Influencer identification & outreach

Market research

Reputation management

Give your business a countless variety of competitive advantages

Our clients are regularly finding new ways to harness the power of social data

Why choose Brandwatch Analytics

What sets Brandwatch apart from the pack?

Well, you can see our complete set of features here, or if you don’t just want to take our word for it you can also read an honest collection of thoughts about what others have to say about Brandwatch here.

We believe there are hundreds of reasons to choose Brandwatch Analytics, but we’ve tried to narrow it down to some of the highlights.

Great Data

We crawl and store all our own data, plus have the most extensive and flexible Query (boolean search string) creation capabilities on the market, ensuring that you get quality, accurate data without the noise of spam and duplicate mentions.

Owned Media Tracking

Our Channels feature allows you to track any public Facebook page or Twitter account without the need for admin rights, so you can monitor and compare your, and your competitors’, owned media efforts.

Highly Flexible

Brandwatch Analytics is highly flexible, with a wide range of features designed to help you get the most out of your data. That includes an extensive selection of filters, automated and manual categorization capabilities, Alerts, flexible charting, topic and sentiment analysis, and plenty more besides.

Built for collaboration

We know that collaboration is key when it comes to social, so we also have plenty of workflow features and provide unlimited users as standard. We also have a number of partnerships and integrations geared to maximize your social presence, allowing you to adopt best-in-class solutions without the headaches.

Insights in your inbox

Automated Reports mean you can get regular snapshots of your data straight to your inbox, making regular reporting quick and easy. They’re simple to set up and the PDF file is easy to share with others – even those without a login.

Always in the Know

Know about emerging issues and trends before anyone else with Signals – automatic email alerts about significant changes in your data. Or, use our customizable email Alerts to be notified of specific changes that are important to you. Our wide range of filters and thresholds are the most powerful on the market.

Brandwatch Analytics Packages

Brandwatch Analytics is a browser-based platform, made available on a monthly subscription basis.

We have a range of packages to meet different business needs, from SMBs to agencies to large enterprises. Get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss the best package to suit your needs.

Start Listening Everywhere

Find out how Brandwatch Analytics can help your business find more meaning in the conversations that matter.