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Published September 17th 2019

Introducing Brandwatch Consumer Research

Today we’re launching Consumer Research, the most powerful digital consumer intelligence product on the market

It’s been an eventful year.

11 months ago, Brandwatch and Crimson Hexagon announced we were merging.

Today, we’re launching our joint product – the game-changing analysis engine that is Consumer Research.

Some context

We know brands and agencies can no longer afford to wait months for consumer insights, especially when valuable time and resources are being spent on inefficient methodologies and limited research outcomes.

We’re going to change that.

Our new, joint platform brings consumer research into real-time, and helps organizations compete in what is a fast-changing, increasingly cut-throat world.

163 software engineers and data scientists worked on it. We invested $50 million in its development. It’s a product that’s been 25 years in the making, building on the combined development of the two market leaders.

And now, Consumer Research is ready for the world.

Let me tell you about it.

The fastest platform, with the largest database

Behind Brandwatch Consumer Research is the largest archive of public consumer opinions on the planet, and our platform is the fastest way to access and analyze that data.

Analysts are now treated to access to 1.2 trillion public, online mentions dating back to 2008, with the addition of half a billion new public posts every day.

The potential here is massive, I can’t wait for our users to get their hands on this and experience the depth as well as the quantity of data.

AI-powered insights that remove the grunt work

Talking of speed, Consumer Research allows for the automatic detection and delivery of insights at a large scale.

Our AI-assistant Iris is able to surface insights from millions of data points in a fraction of the time an analyst might take to begin breaking the data down. And when people log in, they’re immediately greeted with insights from the queries they have set up in their account.

We’re also able to notify our users in real time when there are changes in the data with Signals – perhaps there’s an unexpected growth in negative sentiment, or a strange topic is swelling within brand conversation. Key stakeholders will be the first to know, before things reach fever pitch.

With AI helping surface the insights it would have once taken analysts hours to detect, we’re taking the grunt work out of data analysis and freeing up human minds for more important work.

Ultimate flexibility and custom machine learning

Consumer Research gives you the choice between custom rules and custom machine learning classifiers to segment your data, allowing analysts unparalleled flexibility in how they break down the data that matters to them.

This is a fundamental part of what makes Consumer Research the most powerful platform on the market, and will support a myriad of use cases for our diverse set of clients.

It brings together the best of Brandwatch Analytics’ rules-based segmentation and Crimson Hexagon’s machine learning algorithms, and creates something better than both of them. No other platform out there offers these two different approaches to this depth, with this much legacy and expertise behind them.

And there’s more

Brandwatch Consumer Research is a platform built for the research methods of the future.

Not only have we combined two analytical powerhouses, we’ll also be continuing to add new functionality and data sources.

As always, we’re expanding our horizons and we’re excited to see where we can take this, with our ongoing vision of building a new kind of intelligence.

I’m so proud of the teams that have come together to build the most exciting product in our company’s history. It’s been a roller-coaster, bringing together competing teams and platforms, but I’m thrilled with the results, and I can’t wait for our customers – new and old – to get their hands on the new platform.

Brandwatch Consumer Research is going to change everything.

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Brandwatch Consumer Research

The most powerful digital consumer intelligence product on the market

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