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Published January 27th 2015

Incoming! Introducing the New Vizia Customization Tools

Customizable Command Centers

Last week we emphasized the importance of flexibility in command centers – and our pact to address trade-off of power versus flexibility, head-on.

We believe you should be able to create and switch among different command center set ups quickly for different teams and changing scenarios. Now we’re introducing more tools to customize Vizia for specific uses and localities.

First, we’re introducing Localization: you can now select your locale and the Vizia installation will transform location names- such as on the Globe and Influencer Globe scenes, into language-specific nomenclature.

Naming of interface words, such as “sentiment”, “volume”, and “replies”, as well as error messages, are translated. Additionally, the format of dates, time, and digit separators – using a comma versus a period to separate 000’s – will be corrected for local preference.

We’ve started with US English, UK English, German, Italian, and Brazilian Portuguese and we have more coming soon!


We’ve added another neat customization feature to the Top Categories, Authors, and Sites tiles: they now include animated bar charts, so recognizing shifts in volumes is easier than ever.


The final feature is one that has been often requested from our clients: a color picker for data.

When building a Vizia scene you can now designate specific colors for each Query, and then follow that color throughout the Installation. It makes is a whole lot easier to customize charts –  you can color different brands with their brand colors, such as red for Coca Cola and blue for Pepsi.

As scenes rotate, recognizing data is now faster. Be on the lookout for category-specific colors, as well as many more Vizia features coming soon.


As always, we’ll keep innovating to our hearts’ desires, and in the meantime check out our how-to’s, trainings and get your questions answered over at the Brandwatch Academy.

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