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Published October 19th 2017

Twitter’s 10 Most Influential Lifestyle Bloggers in the US

The team uses Brandwatch Audiences to identify the ten most influential lifestyle bloggers on Twitter. Find out who's number one!

We’re often asked whether Brandwatch can help identify influencers, with “influential lifestyle bloggers” one of the most sought-after groups.

The answer, of course, is yes. We’ll show you just how to do it in this blog post. But when I was first told about this being a popular topic of inquiry I was surprised – “lifestyle blogger” seems like such a vague term – why are they in-demand? Can brands really connect with generic lifestyle bloggers’ audiences when their appeal is so varied?

Lifestyle blogging is a broad, broad topic that could incorporate travel, beauty, food, parenting and more. There are certainly more niche ways to go (see our influential food bloggers post) if you’re a brand looking for a more specific audience.

But as I learned in creating this list, while those included called themselves “lifestyle bloggers” they had each carved out their own areas and interested audiences within that field. Some cover food and parenting, some travel and food, etc. It’s apparent just looking at some of their posts that they’ve attracted interest from some big brands.

If you’re thinking of working with an influencer in your field, it’s worth looking at a broad range of potential accounts, not just those that fit a small selection of search terms like “travel blogger” or “travel enthusiast” – take a look at lifestyle bloggers who tweet about travel too. You can sort accounts by bio and tweet content, location, profession and more using Brandwatch Audiences.


For this research, we used Brandwatch Audiences to search for people that identified as lifestyle bloggers in their Twitter bios, whose accounts were categorized as “individual” (as opposed to “organization”) and who were based in the United States.

They were then ranked according to a selection of criteria that added together to create their influence score. This is a measure of how influential an account is over time, based on the level of genuine engagement they are creating. While lots of followers, retweets and replies will help, the more influential the people they engage with, the better the score.

Twitter’s most influential lifestyle bloggers

We noticed a couple of themes within the top ten. Many of the bloggers are parents tweeting family-friendly content and lots of them are super-active on Twitter, retweeting a huge amount of content often from other influencers on the list. The lifestyle blogging community seems fairly close-knit.

Here goes – the top ten most influential lifestyle bloggers on Twitter (that are based in the US).

10. @EvrydayShortcut

@EvrydayShortcut (or Alison) is a mom of three living in Ohio.

Her blog covers parenting, craft tips and more.

9. @Crissy

Crissy Page runs a successful lifestyle “magazine” that she says is enjoyed by a million readers, subscribers, and followers each month.

8. @TheTypical_Mom

You guessed it – Justine’s ‘The Typical Mom’ blog is primarily focused on parenting or, more specifically, “Surviving and thriving with kids”.

7. @dodomesticdad

Colby is a father of five and one of the two men on our list.

His blog, on “living the daddy dream life” covers a whole array of topics – Disney, entertainment, cars, tech and more.

6. @pennywisemama

Don’t be afraid, Marisa is not a scary clown.

Instead, she’s a mom of three who blogs about parenting, food, cool products and money saving.

5. @daddysweeney

William Sweeney is our second guy on the list. He’s a dad/mens lifestyle blogger who’s been working from home since 2008.

4. @GiveawayBandit

The Giveaway Bandit consists of a mum and son duo who live on a farm.

It’s not all giveaways – there’s plenty of family-friendly recipes and entertainment too.

3. @dawnchats

Dawn Lopez’s cutefetti.com breaks from a lot of the list so far in that it’s not so focused on family and parenting.

It’s all about inspirational ideas for everyday life.

2. @momsreview4you

Melissa is a mom of five and runs asparkleofgenius.com. It covers crafts, recipes, travel and more.

1. @StacieinAtlanta

Topping our list is Stacie H Connerty from (you guessed it) Atlanta.

Her blog divinelifestyle.com incorporates fashion, DIY, travel, tech, family and beyond, all under the tagline “Living the good life”.

Boasting a solid 206k followers, she’s a worthy winner indeed.

Here’s the full list – if you liked this post, please share it!

An image with the profile photos of the 10 most influential lifestyle bloggers, as detailed above

Are you a journalist looking to cover our data? Email us at [email protected] for more information.

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