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Great marketing starts with understanding your audience.

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Discover instant audience intelligence powered by the largest influencer database of its kind.

Find the people that matter

Find the people that matter

Boost your social ROI by targeting the right people with pinpoint precision.

Whoever you’re looking for, Audiences makes it simple to find groups of people based on what matters to you – their demographics, passions, professions, where they’re based, and who they follow and engage with.

Powerful search, instant results.

Understand their world

Understand their world

Deliver timely, relevant, high-performing content that’s tailored to your target audience.

Open a window onto any audience to see what they are talking about right now. Sidestep noisy global trends and discover marketing moments specific to your audience.

Challenge assumptions. Get inspired. Start crafting messages that truly resonate.

Discover what makes them different

Discover what makes them different

Develop data-driven marketing strategies with a deeper understanding of your consumers.

Add context by comparing your audiences. How do your followers compare to your competitors’? What sets your target customer apart from the general public?

By pinpointing what makes them unique you can deliver a message that stands out and speaks more directly to the right people.

Harness the power of influence

Harness the power of influence

Build credibility and trust by collaborating with high-impact micro-influencers.

Look beyond follower numbers, and find the up-and-coming influencers who hold the ability to reach the right people.

More targeted, more authentic, more powerful. Find the right influencers to make your next campaign a success.

Brandwatch Audiences helped me to quickly identify and understand my brand’s target audience within minutes. It’s a powerful source of real-time insight.

- Linda Hoeberigs, Data Scientist, Unilever People Data Centre,

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