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Published July 25th 2016

Introducing Brandwatch Audiences: Powerful New Influence & Audience Insights

Brandwatch Audiences is a state-of-the art influencer technology. Discover those that matter to you and get instant insights on any audience.

Brandwatch Audiences brings powerful new influence science and audience insights to the Brandwatch platform, helping you target the right people with the right message at the right time.

Valuable consumer insights can be uncovered by studying what customers are saying about your brand online. But what about the voices who aren’t talking about you?

What about the potential future customers who aren’t even aware of you yet?

Powered by the largest influencer database of its kind, Audiences lets you look beyond brand or industry conversations to access instant insights into any Twitter community and plan strategic marketing campaigns to reach them.

The Brandwatch Audiences search bar where you enter a keyword to search

How does it work?

Big data at a human scale

Studying audiences ‘in the wild’ involves sifting through huge amounts of information. Brandwatch Audiences analyzes over 50 million conversations per day and distills this big data into instantly accessible insights about the people and the conversations that really matter.

Instant search

Monitoring these conversations allows us to build the Influence Graph, a searchable database of over 200m active Twitter users (and growing). And because it’s our own constantly updated database – searching is instant.

Influence science

Unlike tools that study follower numbers or gameable scores, we developed the Brandwatch Influence Score which measures an individual’s ability to generate engagement and amplify messages. In turn, it looks at how influential the people interacting with your influencer are themselves. This means their score won’t go up if they’re retweeted by a lot of spammy accounts or Twitter bots, but it will if they’re genuinely engaging with like-minded people in their communities.

Real-time trends

The Insights Tab presents trending topics and content that are unique to any audience by benchmarking against a global Twitter average.

The Brandwatch Audiences dashboard showing an audience result


Companies like Unilever, a company with over 400 brands, each potentially with its own unique target customer persona, have already been finding valuable people-oriented insights using Audiences in Beta.

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 13.19.18



Brandwatch Audiences helped me to quickly identify and understand my brand’s target audience within minutes. The Audiences-created lists we’ve developed helps us stay in the know of what’s relevant for our consumers at the moment. It’s a powerful source of real-time insight allowing us to quickly react through our brands to engage and create relevant content.

Linda Hoeberigs, Data Scientist at Unilever People Data Centre

Solution: Grow your Audience

There is a huge opportunity in the vast majority of online conversations that aren’t directed at your brand to gather market intelligence on your target audiences.

But that’s a lot of data to analyze and it’s impossible to predict what’s important and what’s not using traditional social listening.

Brandwatch Audiences lets you build, curate and save as many highly targeted audiences as you like, so you can discover actionable insights about the people and trends that influence them.

The Brandwatch Audiences dashboard showing an audience result

Define your target customer persona segments in a matter of seconds with a simple and intuitive search functionality. Combine several different search terms and filters:

  • Keywords in bios
  • Keywords in their recent tweets
  • Gender
  • Interests
  • Professions
  • Location
  • Individual vs Organizational accounts

You can combine all of these search options to create and filter a specific list of relevant people.

By downloading these lists, you can create tailored audiences to target Twitter ads.

Save your advertising dollars by targeting a carefully curated online community that is ideally suited to your campaign rather than using a scattergun or “black box” approach based on broader demographics.

Twitter ads audience creator using data from Brandwatch Audiences

Or you can take the organic approach by discovering relevant influencers that could help expand your reach or creating content you know will resonate with your target audience by identifying the content and topics they’re talking about.

Solution: Optimize your marketing strategies

One way to get your brand in front of new audiences is to jump on trending topics or stories as they’re happening, that elusive ‘Oreo Moment’ when the world’s attention is focused in one direction.

But these days there is a lot of competition around these noisy global trends.

The Insights Tab opens a window into any audience to show trending images, hashtags and stories based on how much they’re being talked about, how recently they appeared and when influential people in your audience shared them.

Discover marketing moments that are specific to your target audience and by creating engaging content around these you have the opportunity to cut through the noise and give your content the chance to go viral within the specific group you want it to reach.

The Brandwatch Audiences dashboard showing an audience result

Influencer marketing is another popular way to reach new people, ‘borrowing’ the audience of someone with a large reach through partnerships or co-created content.

But influencer marketing can be expensive, especially if you just look for the people with the largest following.

The Influence Score helps you find ‘everyday’ or up-and-coming influencers that are more approachable and less expensive to work with but still have the ability to reach the right people.

What’s more, you can explore any individual’s personal influence network to find out exactly who they influence and who they are influenced by to find just the right people for your campaigns.

Get a demo of Audiences today.

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