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Published April 28th 2020

Introducing Explore: 8 Insights You Can Discover In Seconds

Explore, a new feature from Brandwatch, helps you to quickly discover new insights about your brand.

In the current climate, the speed of change is breathtaking.

Trillion dollar industries have seen business halt, while small software companies now command more value than some of the world’s largest brick-and-mortar firms.

According to McKinsey, companies that navigate disruptions better are those that stay close to customers, understanding how their priorities and behavior change.

Explore offers the fastest, simplest way to get to those customer-centric insights.

With this new feature, employees who don’t have expert-level experience in analyzing data can quickly understand how consumers are talking about their brand, key topics, competitors, or market, without needing to build a complex dashboard.

8 insights you can discover in seconds

With a broad range of visualizations to click through, you’ll have multiple views on the data that matters to you. And with fast loading speed and no setup required, you’ll find insights quicker than ever before.

To highlight these improvements, here are eight insights you can discover in seconds with Explore:

1. Which popular sites am I mentioned on?

It’s easy to spot conversation tagging you on Twitter, but how do you stay on top of the other popular sites where your brand is mentioned?

Here, the Top Sites tab, sorted by Impact for the airline Air New Zealand, reveals popular sites referencing the brand on a particular day. By looking beyond Twitter and top news sites, we can see frequent flyers leaving reviews on Yelp and Tripadvisor, and potential customers asking questions on Ask.

2. What causes conversation to spike?

It’s vital that marketers and researchers understand why their brand is being talked about. With Explore, users can get that insight instantly.

Here, we see the key drivers of conversation around Tesla when we zoom in to the spike in November.

3. What do people say about my brand?

Many brands are talked about thousands of times per day. Making sense of all of this conversation is hard, but Explore can help.

The Topic Wheel visualization groups together key topics (inner wheel) and displays the sub-topics beneath (outer wheel), showing how multiple sub-topics could be driving the topics getting the most mentions. You can even click through to reveal the actual mentions.

Here we can see conversation around Air New Zealand. Some conversations focus purely on the brand, while three other strands focus on its response to Covid-19.

The ‘Economy Class’ strands shows conversation around reports that Air NZ are testing bunk beds in their economy class.

With this visualization, you’re able to capture the nuance of the conversation at a glance.

4. What’s trending in conversation around my brand?

Consumers can change opinions overnight, and yesterday’s news can often be forgotten today.

To understand how quickly conversation changes around your brand and see what’s starting to trend now, you can use Explore to see how topics are becoming popular/fading.

Here, Explore reveals the fading and trending topics for Sony over time.

5. Who talks about my products?

Different products and services attract different audiences and, with Explore, you can quickly discover who is engaging with your brand or products.

Here we can see that Nintendo’s general audience is majority male (63%), but when we filter conversation by their latest game, Animal Crossing, we see female consumers taking a more active role in discussion (48%).

6. Are we posting at the right time?

Consumers expect instant responses from the brands they contact, especially in the banking industry.

With Explore, you can quickly see if your support Twitter handles are communicating in time with your consumers.

In this example, we can see that HSBC’s audience tweets at the brand most on Thursday, but the official HSBC account seems to respond most on Tuesday. This misalignment might suggest a delay in customer response time, or that the account isn’t tweeting when its engaged audience is most active.

7. Which influencers mention me?

Conversation doesn’t just come from journalists and customers – influencers and other individuals of note can also make social waves around a brand. It’s important that marketers can both identify the conversation from influencers and sort it by the amount of people who may have read their post. Explore’s influencer tab, sorted by Reach, reveals just that.

For Burger King, this instantly reveals that Chrissy Teigen was one of the most influential authors mentioning the brand in early April.

8. Where is my brand photographed?

How do consumers actually use my product? How is my sponsorship performing? Where do consumers see my brand? Sometimes these questions can only be answered by looking at the images shared online.

With Explore, you can analyze all the images your brand is referenced in and discover the objects, scenes, and actions that appear in the image. Doing so for Ferrari reveals that a significant number of images picture cars alongside mountains.

Try it out

Explore is now available at no extra cost for all Brandwatch customers.

If you’re not a client, click here to get a demo. A member of our team will show you how Explore could help you find new insights around your brand.

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