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Published November 13th 2018

Introducing Iris™: An AI-Analyst For Better Insights

Iris™ is Brandwatch's new AI-analyst. It's the fastest and smartest way to discover insights from the public web.

“The future of social intelligence is in the enterprise, not just marketing.”

This is how Forrester, an independent market research company, view the social intelligence industry.

They believe that social intelligence is something everyone in your organization should be able to use. Not just your marketing or social teams, but every team from legal to HR.

We agree.

But we know this won’t happen with the tools available today. These tools are difficult to use and even harder to master. The better the tool, the tougher it is to use.

We’re building something that will help everyone get value out of social intelligence. It will help novice users discover vital insights and expert users speed up their work. We call it Iris™. 

Smarter and faster

Iris takes the pain out of data analysis. It automatically analyzes all of your data and identifies the reasons why conversation has increased.

Let’s say you’re analyzing Nike on the day it launched the Kaepernick ad. Iris would reveal instantly that this tweet from an ESPN commentator (posted just two minutes after the launch) generated the initial engagement in the campaign:

It would then explain that:

  • The hashtag #boycottnike started trending just an hour after the launch.
  • This news article, from Time, generated the most visibility with over half a million shares online.
  • This discussion on Reddit generated the highest volume of discussion with 10,000 comments.
  • And even that this Facebook thread generated the most engagement, with over 300k shares.

Within minutes of the launch, Iris would not only inform you that conversation is growing above average, but also why.

It analyzes all of your data to reveal the post, article, video, thread, and even hashtag that causes conversation to grow.

It’s informative, intelligent, and essential for anyone looking to find insights from social.

“In sales and marketing today, we need access to data and fast. Gone are the days where we can use guess work; we are just too human to shift through the quantities of data. Brandwatch Iris allows you to access and analyze big chunks of data faster, allowing you to draw more accurate conclusions.”

Tim Hughes, Co-Founder and CEO at Digital Leadership Associates

Six jobs Iris can do for you

1. Brand monitoring

Iris will monitor all of the conversations around your brand, products, services, and campaigns. It will spot problems or opportunities as soon as they develop online.

For Mastercard, Iris would have instantly revealed that 45k people mentioned them on 18 July due to an announcement around allowing Bitcoin transactions on credit cards.

2. PR reporting

Iris tracks international, national, and regional news sites from across the globe, plus journalistic blogs, forums, and bookmarking sites.

As soon as a story around your brand goes viral, Iris will instantly explain how.

3. Crisis detection

Iris identifies threats as they arise and explains what causes them.

For Heineken on 28 March, Iris would have detected this negative tweet generating conversation about the brand.

4. Campaign reporting

Iris can create reports explaining exactly how well your campaign has performed.

For Intel, Iris would have noted that its 2018 Winter Olympics drones campaign was the biggest campaign of the month for the brand, generating over 40,000 conversations.

5. Competitive benchmarking

Iris can compare your performance with your competitors and with historical data to discover how your brand competes.

For Budweiser, Iris would have revealed that its #ManoftheMatch sponsorship at this summer’s World Cup generated more engagement than any other sponsorship during the competition.

6. Random virality

For the times when your brand inexplicably goes viral, Iris can help out. It determines what caused the virality and explains it in simple written language.

For Corona, Iris would have explained that the nearly 55k tweets around the company on 4 March weren’t due to a smart campaign or new strategy, but instead because of one random tweet.

“Brands that want to cut through the clutter of internet content will need to understand the power of AI technology, like Iris. Iris can rapidly sort through billions of conversations and spot relevancy and opportunity.”

Dennis Wakabayashi, Customer Experience Strategist

Try it out

Iris is being made available to all Brandwatch customers over the next few weeks.

If you’re not a client, click here to get a demo. A member of our team will show you how Iris could analyze social data around your brand.

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