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Published September 30th 2014

Monster: Powering Real-time Engagement with a Social Media Center

Monster is one of the most successful and recognizable careers organizations in the world.

Think back to the early 2000s. Job searching was still often done  via a visit to the local recruitment office or skimming the newspaper classifieds. The first impression was your best Sunday garb and a firm handshake.

Monster changed that.

It was the first job search company with a solely web presence. Gone were the trips into town to look in a dusty window for a new career. With a click, a whole host of enticing opportunities were right in front of you.

They’d done something new. Something game-changing.


Since then, Monster has embraced the digital and social worlds with gusto, and this forward-thinking approach has led to more than 200 million people registering on the network worldwide.

After exciting experiments with social media recruitment services and revealing a bold new brand identity, the competition eagerly waits to see what pioneering innovation Monster will reveal next.

And the competition ought to be worried.

Vizia, powered by Brandwatch Analytics, is a fully-customizable and elegant way of presenting online conversation about your brand. Pioneering brands like Monster are embedding Vizia into their enterprises to analyze and showcase social media intelligence in their corporate headquarters and across their organizations.

“Having a social media center is a dream come true” says Patrick Gillooly, Director of Digital Communication & Social Media.

So what benefits are Monster seeing from their Social Media Center?

Understanding their audience

By using Vizia, Monster is learning a lot about their audience – who their audience are and what they’re talking about.

Within the Social Media Center, conversations from Monster’s audience are displayed instantaneously in visual scenes which are both easily understood and deeply informative

This real-time display, used in combination with Brandwatch Analytics’ powerful filtering, allows Monster to continuously identify opportunities for engagement- meaning they can interact with their customers quicker than ever before.

Collaborating for efficiency and consistency

The Social Media Center is a unique working space that allows the social team within Monster to work collaboratively.

Having the team in one location provides Monster with the opportunity to be consistent with their messaging. The team discusses how best to interact with customers and agrees what is the best tone and message to use.

This practise is helping Monster humanize its brand, and helps the organization achieve one of their key objectives – creating a direct dialogue with their customers.


Spreading social intelligence across the company

The Social Media Center is in a prominent location with high footfall from staff within Monster’s Massachusetts Headquarters.

“People walking past can stop in, ask us what we’re doing, have those conversations….it is really powerful stuff,” expressed Gillooly.

The social team welcomes staff from other departments within Monster to come into the Social Media Center. Monster believes in the ethos of social being at the heart of the company and wants all employees to have access and understanding of what is being said about their brand, products, and competitors.

Global expansion

Monster is already seeing fantastic results from the Social Media Center – so many that it plans to scale  the learnings globally.

“Alot of our efforts up to this point have been focused on the United States and North America, but we’re in nearly 40 countries across the world. We’re going to take a lot of the learnings we’ve made here in this room and bring them to our global partners,” stated  Gillooly.

Brandwatch is delighted to play an integral part in Monster’s future. We can’t wait to see what comes next.

Curious about social media command centers? Want to know what sets Vizia apart from the rest?

Now you know.


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