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Published December 17th 2014

Brandwatch News: PeerIndex is Joining Brandwatch

Founder and CEO of PeerIndex, Azeem Azhar, tells all about the move to Brandwatch.

We just announced the exciting news that Brandwatch has acquired PeerIndex.

You can read my thoughts about it here. And now, here’s what the CEO and founder of PeerIndex, Azeem Azhar, has to say.

Over to you, Azeem.

A message from PeerIndex’s CEO Azeem:

I am delighted to announce that PeerIndex is joining forces with Brandwatch.

We started PeerIndex in 2010 with a view that with the rise of social platforms, people were going to matter more and more on the web. In that time, the hypothesis has been proved with more than 2 billion people actively using social platforms around the world.

During that time PeerIndex has pioneered topical-based influence metrics; scoring more than 300m social media accounts across hundreds of different topics. We’ve subsequently launched PiQ, our ground-breaking audience analytics product which helps marketers understand their target audiences in real time.

Brandwatch has built a substantial, fast-growing enterprise SaaS business, one of the best homegrown British tech companies we’ve seen. Brandwatch is a Certified Twitter Partner as well. As Brandwatch spreads into new markets, acquiring PeerIndex, with its expert team and technology platform, made sense.  You can read their announcement here.

Why is Brandwatch right for us? There were three reasons why Brandwatch was the best partner for PeerIndex and its team. First, they have a fantastic culture of openness, trust and reciprocity. Often those words are just written down, but we discovered at Brandwatch that these values were lived. And great culture is the bedrock of great companies.

Secondly, the people were fantastic. Giles Palmer, the CEO, and his leadership team are rock solid entrepreneurs and executives and people we can believe in for the long-run.

Finally, Brandwatch has built a real, vibrant business with more than 1,000 happy enterprise customers and industry-beating retention rates. We were consistently impressed with the discipline of their execution and how this provided a launch pad for growing new products into new markets.

Where next?

The Brandwatch announcement details some of our future plans. We’re excited to have the core PeerIndex technology woven into the top social analytics platform. The team will also be moving on to developing a new stealth product which marries content marketing and influence together.

On behalf of the PeerIndex team, past and present, I want to thank our investors, users, customers, advocates and supporters all for your support over the years.

Onwards and upwards,

Azeem Azhar

– Founder and CEO of PeerIndex

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