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Twitter’s 10 Most Influential Lifestyle Bloggers in the US

We’re often asked whether Brandwatch can help identify influencers, with “influential lifestyle bloggers” one of the most sought-after groups. The answer, of course, is yes. We’ll show you just how to do it in this blog post. But when I … Read more

Influencers By Gemma Joyce on October 19th 2017

Top Ten Most Influential Make-up Artists on Twitter

As we all know now, the internet has opened up professions previously difficult to get into. YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter all offer platforms for musicians, artists, and models to get noticed, build up a fanbase, and make some money. All … Read more

Influencers By Joshua Boyd on October 6th 2017

The Top Ten Most Influential MPs on Twitter

Being a Member of Parliament is no easy job. Tough decisions, long hours, and millions of constituents. While the cheap drinks in the Strangers bar might lessen the blow a bit, no one could argue being an MP is a … Read more

Influencers By Joshua Boyd on September 21st 2017

The Top 10 Most Influential Food Bloggers on Twitter

Running a food blog might sound like a nice idea, but creating a successful one takes hard work, dedication, personality and excellent presentation. That’s why while thousands of food blogs exist, only a few of the most influential food bloggers … Read more

Influencers By Gemma Joyce on September 15th 2017

Food Influencers: The Biggest Food Trends of 2017

Food has always been a social thing that brings people together, but with the advent of the internet and, more specifically, online food influencers, the ways in which we experience food and all its possibilities have changed. Breaking bread with a … Read more

Influencers By Gemma Joyce on September 7th 2017

Influencer Marketing: Five Essential Rules to Live By surveyed its network to find how brands can better work with influencers. We’ve distilled the findings to five essential rules that will help improve your influencer marketing. Rule 1: Collaborate Marketers naturally want to control the message. While having … Read more

5 Ways to Navigate Social Media Influencer Marketing

Social media influence marketing is one of the hot topics in marketing right now. Campaigns are scrutinized, and questions are being asked about whether it’s worth the investment. It was definitely one of the big themes at the Festival of Marketing this year. I presented … Read more

From Arianna Huffington to Tim Cook: The Most Influential CEOs on Twitter

Technically, anyone can be a CEO. But not everyone can be the most influential CEO on Twitter. Read more

Influencers By Gemma Joyce on November 17th 2016

React: The Most Influential Men and Women on Twitter 2016

All Twitter accounts are created equal, but not all Twitter accounts are run by Katy Perry. Read more

Influencers By Gemma Joyce on November 10th 2016

Social Data Reveals the Trends Influential Food Bloggers Are Tweeting About Most 2016

Food is undoubtedly one of our favorite things to talk about online. The internet is having a huge impact on food trends across the world. Whether that’s from insta-famous influencers posting about their favorite new restaurants or the rise of a … Read more

Influencers By Gemma Joyce on August 24th 2016

React: An 18-year-old Explains How to Build a Following of 400,000

If you thought all Justin Bieber fans were dumb little girls this article will change your mind. Read more

Influencers By Gemma Joyce on June 7th 2016

React: Twitter’s Top 20 Most Influential My Little Pony Fans

The latest in our series of analyses of enormous internet fandoms has arrived. This time, we’re tackling influential My Little Pony fans. Read more

Influencers By Gemma Joyce on May 19th 2016