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Published July 25th 2016

Ask an Expert: Top 12 Pinterest Analytics and Marketing Tools

Pinterest is increasingly competitive for brands. Use our list of Pinterest analytics tools and several Pinterest marketing tools to prove and improve ROI.

With 100 million users and a growing number of brands on Pinterest, the marketing competition is heating up. While the platform itself has an inbuilt tool, several third party Pinterest analytics tools are also on the market. In addition to the analysis, a range of tools can help your Pinterest Marketing in a variety of ways.

Like almost every social media site out there, Pinterest has been rapidly growing in size.

A network based solely on images has always held particularly strong appeal to brands and marketers. Users pin their ideas, dreams, and aspirations…and often, making these dreams a reality will involve a purchase at some point.

Pinterest Analytics Tools

1. Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest has a built-in analytics platform. It is available to anyone with a business account who has registered their website with Pinterest. This allows Pinterest to track traffic between the two sites.

Pinterest Analytics allows you to track a range of metrics. It splits the analysis into your pin activity on Pinterest itself, your audience activity, and which pins are driving traffic to your website.

The metrics covered include:

  • Average Daily Impressions
  • Average Daily Viewers
  • Audience Location
  • Gender and Language of Audience
  • Number of Repins
  • Amount of Clicks
  • Total Likes
Pinterest Analytics tool

2. Cyfe

We’ve mentioned Cyfe before, as the tool is multi-purpose, offering analytics through various customizable widgets. While this makes it useful for monitoring several networks at once, it does mean the Pinterest analytics features can be a little limited.

The basic version with five widgets is free, the paid account adds more functionality for $19/month.

Cyfe screenshot of Pinterest analytics

3. Viralwoot

Viralwoot is a multi-function Pinterest tool. It offers bulk pin scheduling, allowing you to increase your reach by picking the best times to post.

You can promote Pins from within the platform. Viralwoot allows you to create category targeted and real-time trackable contests. It also includes analytics, allowing you to track your Pin and board performance and reach.

The more advanced accounts even include Pinterest SEO analysis, to help you understand if your pins are discoverable through search. Prices start from $10/month.

4. ViralTag

ViralTag positions itself as the “complete visual marketing suite for brands”, with Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr all covered. It allows you to schedule to all of these sites and includes a browser extension so you can choose images from any website.

It includes a library of stock images and user generated content and includes a Canva integration for you to create your own visuals. For insights, ViralTag offers Pinterest analytics along with the other networks.

ViralTag for Pinterest analysis

It features Google Analytics integration, so you can understand what content is driving traffic to your site. The platform has detailed Pinterest performance tracking and offers social media reports with engagement metrics for every scheduled post. ViralTag will also tell you the best time to post for each social network, obviously including Pinterest. Prices start from $24/month, with a 14-day free trial.

5. Tailwind

Tailwind is another tool that offers multiple functions. Scheduling can be done from any page on the web through the browser extension, but in the platform, a ‘smart schedule’ feature suggest the best times for you to post. It also has some smart features that let you create lists of boards and pin across multiple boards.

The Pinterest analytics features allow you to track growth in followers, repins, likes and comments. You can analyze the performance of Pins by category, board, keyword and hashtag. It also features Google Analytics integration so you can analyze revenue and traffic from Pinterest. There is a free trial offered, with prices starting at $9.99/month for small businesses.

6. Olapic

Olapic recently announced it had acquired Piqora, so you get two different – but related – functions with this platform. Olapic’s strength was allowing brands to discover user generated content that can replace their stock photos.

With the addition of Piqora technology, Olapic now offers scheduling and analytics. This includes tracking ROI, influencer interactions, and engagement. The tracking will also provide insights into which users provide the content that drives the highest ROI.


Pinterest Marketing Tools

In addition to the analytics tools on the market, there are several tools that can help make your Pinterest marketing that little bit better to get ahead of the competition. This can range from increasing engagement to improving your content. We’ve listed a few Pinterest marketing tools below.

7. Pinterest Browser Button

Save ideas from around the web with just one click. Whilst browsing other sites you may come across relevant content that you think followers would appreciate. The simplest solution is to install the Pinterest browser button, meaning you can post the image without having to leave the site you are on.

Pinterest browser button

8. Website Widgets

Pinterest itself provides the ability to build widgets for your website. This allows visitors to your website to save an image to Pinterest, helping other people discover your content and increasing your reach. You can also build follow and pin buttons, and board and profile widgets to your site.


A brilliantly useful and versatile tool, IFTTT (short for If This Then That), allows you to make ‘recipes’. A recipe tells IFTTT to undertake an action when something else happens. For example, “When I take an Instagram photo, pin it to a board on Pinterest”. The tool is free.

Pinterest instructions on IFTTT

10. Google Analytics

An obvious one, but a necessary addition. Some of the tools listed above integrate with Google Analytics, but if you choose a tool that doesn’t, you’ll want to be checking in on Google Analytics regularly. Simply log in, click on Acquisition in the left-hand side menu, and choose Social for a detailed breakdown of how much traffic is coming from each social site.

11. Canva

Canva has templates for various social media image templates, meaning you’ll never get an image size wrong again (although our social media image sizes guide will help that). It also has a content inspiration section featuring and a set of 30 tutorials to help a design beginner. The tool is free.

Canva design tutorial gallery

12. PinGroupie

PinGroupie is a really simple way of amplifying your reach is to join a group, where thousands of members have access to the content that is posted. This tactic is particularly useful for anyone who is yet to build up a decent number of followers.

PinGroupie is a simple looking tool but is great for discovering new groups. It’s a database of high-activity Pinterest groups, allowing you to search the database for any groups that are relevant to your business.

With these tools in your arsenal, your strategies for increasing engagement and driving more traffic to your site can receive a big boost. The key is to try different strategies and keep checking the analytics to see what has worked. Your results should continue increasing over time.

If you have a favorite tool we’ve forgotten about we’d love to hear about it in the comments.

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