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Published September 6th 2018

The Do and Don’ts of Using Twitter to Generate Real Estate Leads

Follow up Boss's Brittany Ryan shares actionable tips for realtors looking to make the most of Twitter.

Millennials make up the vast majority of future homebuyers and sellers, which is a big part of why Twitter can be a valuable resource for realtors.

If you’re targeting US-based millennials, there’s a good chance your leads are on Twitter.

Despite the fact that Twitter isn’t as widely associated with marketing as other social platforms, roughly 80% of Twitter users have tweeted about a brand. That gives you a huge advantage over other social networks where leads commonly feel “sold” to. But the way you win on Twitter will look very different from the way you win on Facebook or Instagram.

To be clear, when we’re talking about generating leads on Twitter, we’re talking about organic leads — not sponsored posts or ads. There are plenty of organic leads to be  found. It’s all about how you connect with your audience and your ability to share the kind of high-value, in-depth expertise that wins on Twitter.

The benefits of using Twitter for realtors

When you take the time to become a master tweeter you’ll not only achieve greater visibility as a local authority in your market, you’ll also get a serious leg up over competitors who under-utilize the platform.

Here’s a summary of the awesome benefits of using Twitter:

  • It can drive more traffic to your website
  • It keeps you active and up-to-date on local events and influencers
  • There are great analytics tools that can help you target leads with better content
  • You can easily find and engage with leads by using advanced search and hashtags

Now let’s take a closer look at how to maximize your lead generation activity and avoid common pitfalls on Twitter.

The dos of using Twitter for real estate lead generation

As with all social media networks, the features, nuances and unspoken rules for how you engage on Twitter have evolved over the years.

Here are some of the latest best practices used by Twitter pros to help generate leads and sales.

Create Your Content Calendar

The temptation with Twitter is to dive right in and start firing off the tweets. But, just as you would with your other social networks, you need to take the time to develop a set social media calendar and strategy to keep the kind of content you’ll be tweeting consistent and on-message. Make sure your Twitter calendar is packed with value-driven content that only you can offer, perhaps including facts about the neighbourhoods you work in, specific areas of local expertise, and seasonal updates relevant to your market.

Listen and learn

Analyzing Twitter data is a great way to understand what kind of content will resonate with potential leads, as well as which influencers might be best to engage with.

Using tools like Brandwatch Analytics or Brandwatch Audiences you’ll be able to use really specific search terms to find prospects asking questions about home ownership or discussing their next purchase.

There are all kinds of insights hidden beneath the noise on social media that can often put busy people off using it to generate leads.

Engage, Engage, Engage

Once you know what to tweet about and who to talk to on Twitter, it’s time to get in there and engage! From liking, commenting and re-tweeting, to hosting regular group chats, there are a ton of different ways to get in the game. However you choose to engage with your leads on Twitter, just remember to keep it relevant and value-driven.

Providing your leads with awesome insights and unique value will help you generate valuable feedback on your content, gain new followers, create a sense of community and help foster stronger relationships with your leads.

There’s room for humor, too!

Use Visuals

Visual content is king — especially on social media. Tweets with photos, images, and videos get more views. Like, way more.

Tweets with images bring in up to 18% more clicks, 89% more favorites, and 150% more retweets. Bonus points if you can make it entertaining, educational or emotional.

Ask Questions

Another big rule of engagement on Twitter is to ask your audience questions.

People love talking about local events and issues — and they love polls. Add a few interesting and relevant polls or questions to your Twitter content calendar and you can count on a boost in engagement from people you want to connect with.

Give It a Personal Spin

It’s been said before, but especially in the age of the internet, it’s always worth repeating: Real estate is a people business.

No matter how many hot social networks hit the internet, people are always going to prefer to interact with a human. (In fact, as the number of social networks increase, your leads will probably value a personal touch even more!)

Show your human side by posting your behind the scenes updates, events and celebrations. Use an easy, familiar style and don’t be afraid to relax and be yourself. After all, the goal is for your followers to one day meet you in person.

The don’ts of using Twitter for lead gen in real estate

Now that you know what works on Twitter, here are a few simple rules to prevent you from accidentally alienating your leads.

  • Don’t overwhelm followers with an onslaught of listings and open house info. Keep it timely, consistent, and relevant to the latest news in your community.
  • Don’t overuse hashtags. The right hashtags are great but adding a million unnecessary # symbols to your posts just looks icky.
  • Don’t get greedy with your tweets. The great thing about Twitter is that you can post more frequently than on other social channels. Still, tweeting multiple times back-to-back can look a little desperate.
  • Don’t be generic. It’s easy to hit re-tweet without taking the time to say something smart about the content. But if no one knows why they should care, there’s no point re-tweeting anyway. Take a second to tell your followers why the content is important, and always make sure the thing you’re retweeting is from an account or source you trust

In the words of Grant Boelter of REALTOR Magazine, (admittedly back when there was a 140 character limit): “Twitter isn’t just a platform for sharing information, it’s a chance to make your elevator pitch in 140 characters. Ask yourself before tweeting, why would somebody be interested in this?”

Make sure every post — whether it’s home buying tips or a promotional listing tweet — has a clear answer to the “what’s in it for me?” question.

This article was originally posted on followupboss.com

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