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March 8th 2021

#41: 7 Women in Tech You Should Know

Happy International Women’s Day! To mark the occasion, rather than doing some data analysis or looking at trends, we wanted to dedicate this bulletin to seven women in tech, data, and science...

March 5th 2021

#40 Money Talks: Financial Trends

Welcome to this Friday’s bulletin. Nice work on making it through another week. Today we’re looking at how online conversations changed last year, and what that may mean for 2021. Let&#...

March 1st 2021

#39 Exploring From Home

Another week, another bulletin. Today we’re looking at the ways people are exploring the world without stepping out of their front door. Don’t miss our future buttons by clicking the bu...

February 26th 2021

#38 Living Vicariously

Happy Friday, everyone. Today is the first in a two-parter bulletin, looking at living vicariously during the pandemic, and exploring the world from your desk. Let’s get to it.

February 22nd 2021

#37 Which Sectors Deliver the Best Customer Experience?

Today we’re looking at a year’s worth of data to see which sectors are thriving when it comes to customer experience. From airlines to entertainment, the picture is extremely varied. Do...

February 19th 2021

#36 NASA’s Perseverance and Joy Minute-by-Minute

Welcome to this week’s Friday bulletin. Today we’re taking a look at the joyous moment years of NASA sweat, blood, and tears brought us yesterday: the successful landing of the Persever...

February 12th 2021

#35 Food Over Flowers This Valentine’s Day

The most romantic weekend of the year is upon us, but how are things different due to the pandemic? We’ve taken a look at how gift-giving may have been affected. Let’s get to it.

February 8th 2021

#34 Super Bowl LV in Numbers

Last night’s Super Bowl had all the familiar elements of any other – a killer half-time show, big-budget ads, and, of course, the game itself. That said, there was plenty that was unfamiliar, mainl...

February 5th 2021

#33 Peak Pandemic Aches and Pains

Welcome to the end of the week, and the first February weekend. January already feels so long ago. Today we’ve dug up data on the health issues we’re reporting online. And things aren&#...

February 1st 2021

#32 The Bank of Bitcoin

Bitcoin and Dogecoin chatter has been high in recent days, but what’s all the fuss about? We used Brandwatch Consumer Research and BuzzSumo to find out. Don’t miss our future bulletins. Click...

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