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February 1st 2021

#32 The Bank of Bitcoin

Bitcoin and Dogecoin chatter has been high in recent days, but what’s all the fuss about? We used Brandwatch Consumer Research and BuzzSumo to find out. Don’t miss our future bulletins. Click...

January 29th 2021

#31 The World in Motion

Here we are at the end of the week. In today’s bulletin we’re taking a look at transport and mobility data. What are levels like after a year of Covid-19? Now you can find out. Don̵...

January 25th 2021

#30 Inauguration Day: The Conversation Continues

Today we’re checking out what’s driving lasting inauguration day conversation on social media, from poems to fashion. Don’t miss our future buttons by clicking “subscribe” below.

January 22nd 2021

#29 A Country’s Pandemic Spending Portrait

Happy Friday to you all, and what a different world it is as we enter the weekend. Before you down keyboards and monitors, here’s today’s bulletin looking at UK consumer spending throug...

January 15th 2021

#28 CES 2021: Tech Gets Pandemic Ready

Today we’re looking at the busiest week in the tech calendar, CES 2021, as the trade show goes online. Don’t forget to sign up for our future bulletins so you don’t miss out:

January 11th 2021

#27: How Our New Year’s Resolutions Have Changed

Welcome to the first Brandwatch Bulletin of the year. To start things off, we’re looking at the New Year’s resolutions people have made, and how they’ve changed in recent years. Don’t miss ou...

December 11th 2020

#26 US Election Speeches Unpicked

Happy Friday! This is our last edition of the Brandwatch Bulletin this year. Thank you for reading our insights – here’s hoping 2021 will give us some cheerier topics to write about! Today we’re sh...

December 7th 2020

#25: The Product Winners of 2020

Welcome back from the weekend. Today we’re checking out the everyday products that became lifelines during the pandemic. Who’d have thought necessities like soap would be a cause for celebration in...

December 4th 2020

#24: Deck (and Scent) the Halls

Happy Friday! Today we’re looking at the popularity of freshly-cut trees, the smells people associate most with the holidays, and unexpected trends in the world of scented candles.

November 30th 2020

#23: Celebrities, Influence, and Covid-19

Today we’re looking at how celebrities and influencers are sharing messages about Covid-19 online. Can they be relied on to share safety information? Don’t miss our future bulletins by clicki...

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