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October 8th 2020

#10: Pandemic Relationships

What a stressful week it’s been. This year has been full of them, so today we’re looking at whether the stress of the pandemic has affected our relationships and dating habits. Want to ...

October 5th 2020

#09: People Pick Up Pandemic Pets

Welcome to today’s bulletin. We hope you had a good weekend and, to help ease you into the week, we’ve gone for a light and (literally) fluffy topic this time: we’re looking at increase in people g...

October 2nd 2020

#08: The Emotional Toll of 2020

We’ve made it to the end of the week, and what a week it’s been. This year has been non-stop when it’s come to major events, so today we’re looking at how people are feeling about 2020....

September 28th 2020

#07: The Holidays Are Coming

Welcome to a brand new week! Today we’ve been investigating how people are planning for the holiday season. For many (including us), it can’t come soon enough. Let’s get to it.

September 25th 2020

#06: How Among Us Took the Social Spotlight

Welcome to Friday’s bulletin. We hope you made it through the week okay. Today we’re looking at the huge success of Among Us. A game of intrigue and deception, we try to work out how it...

September 21st 2020

#05: Mind, Body, and Social

Happy Monday! Today we’re checking out three trends relating to wellness that we’ve seen rise since the beginning of the year. Don’t miss out on any future Brandwatch Bulletins. Click below t...

September 18th 2020

#04: Will the Cookware Boom Last?

Happy Friday. Today we’re exploring the world of fancy cookware and how lockdowns impacted demand for high-end kitchen equipment. Don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss out on futu...

September 14th 2020

#03: A Data Analysis of Soup Season

Welcome back to the Brandwatch Bulletin. This Monday we’re tackling a not-so-serious topic, that comes with some seriously useful lessons for understanding the world and how your organization fits ...

September 11th 2020

#02: The Plastic Waste Problem

This week we released our 2020 plastic waste report which looks at how the pandemic has affected consumer perceptions and behaviors around the issue. In this bulletin, we’ll highlight some of the k...

September 4th 2020

#01: Body Positivity in the Spotlight

Happy Friday! Today we’re checking out record volumes of body confidence conversation on social media. If you’re not already, click the button below to subscribe to the Brandwatch Bulletin.

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