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November 20th 2020

#21: The Most Influential Person on Twitter 2020

It’s Friday! We hope you’re dreaming up some relaxing plans for the weekend. Today we released our annual list of Brandwatch’s 50 most influential people on Twitter. Sign up for all of our future b...

November 16th 2020

#20: Diwali Celebrations Light up Social Media

Happy Monday, and Happy Diwali! Today we’re taking a look at how Diwali was celebrated online. Don’t miss our next bulletin by subscribing.

November 13th 2020

#19: Covid-19’s Information Wars

Happy Friday, everyone. Today we’re looking at how disinformation about Covid-19 rushes into the gaps research is yet to fill. Let’s get to it.

November 9th 2020

#18: Doomscrolling

Welcome to the first bulletin of the week. Today we’re exploring an activity a lot of us have been guilty of this year—doomscrolling. Don’t miss our future bulletins by clicking subscribe bel...

November 6th 2020

#17: Working from Home: Hardly Working?

Today we’ll take your mind off world events to reflect on working from home, sharing insights from our recent report ‘Consumer Tech: What’s Changed in 2020?’. Do people have what they need to work ...

October 30th 2020

#16: The Lost Restaurant Recovery

Welcome to Friday’s bulletin. Today we’re look at online restaurant reviews to see how the industry is faring, and what the future may hold. Don’t miss our next bulletin. Click su...

October 26th 2020

#15 Getting Spooky

Happy Monday. It’s getting colder, it’s getting darker, and it’s most definitely getting spookier! But how will people be celebrating Halloween in 2020? Don’t miss our next bulletin by ...

October 23rd 2020

#14: Bouldering All Over The World

Welcome to Friday’s bulletin. Today we’re looking at the sport of bouldering and how it attempts to recover in the wake of Covid-19. Don’t miss our next bulletins every Monday and...

October 19th 2020

#13: K-pop Goes Public

K-pop isn’t just about nailing cute dance routines and catchy songs. Today we’re checking out the rise of K-pop and how its fans became so powerful in commandeering social conversations and creatin...

October 16th 2020

#12: Are Crocs Cool?

Welcome to today’s bulletin. This Friday we’re looking at the incredible turnaround of fortunes for Crocs. Have you got a pair yet? Don’t forget to sign up for these bulletins to ...

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