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February 9th 2023

#151: The Life-Changing Magic of Giving Up

Did you catch any of the Marie Kondo headlines lately? Titles include: “Shocker: Marie Kondo has a messy house” and “Marie Kondo […] has decided to chill the hell out.”...

February 3rd 2023

#150: Team Rolex or Team Casio?

From Don McLean’s mention of Chevrolet in American Pie in 1971 to Pitbull’s iconic mention of Kodak in Give Me Everything, singers name-dropping brands isn’t anything new. But since the release of ...

January 27th 2023

#149: Fighting the WFH Slump

If you feel bad about not making your 10,000 daily steps, you’re not the only one. Since growing accustomed to the WFH life, there are days where the longest walks we take are from the bedroom to t...

January 20th 2023

#148: The Evolving Conversation Around ChatGPT

Imagine a world where an AI chatbot will do all your writing legwork while you rest on the couch.  “Can you write an email for me? How about a college essay? Can you come up with a business idea, w...

January 13th 2023

#147: The Strength of Superstitions

Three centuries ago, an urban legend started circulating. It was thought that it was unlucky to have 13 people sitting around a table at once. Centuries later, the Victorians developed this theory ...

January 6th 2023

#146: 2023’s Top Resolutions

Another year is here and full of possibilities. For many it’s a time to reassess where they are in life, including their existing habits and potential hobbies. From giving up smoking to taking up w...

December 16th 2022

#145: 2022’s Defining Online Moments

It’s the last bulletin of the year, making it the perfect time to reflect on 2022. To help you do that, we’ve pulled together a list of some of the defining online moments of the year, including th...

December 9th 2022

#144: End Of Year Pains

Back in early 2021 we looked at how the pandemic led to a significant rise in people reporting physical pain online. With much changed in our lives since, we decided it was time to revisit the data...

December 2nd 2022

#143: Is Black Friday Back?

We don’t know about you, but our inboxes were flooded with brands showing off their wares for Black Friday this year. It’s hard to ignore the onslaught of discounts, sales, and deals. But how did t...

November 25th 2022

#142: The Scorsese Film You’ll Never See

The internet, when it puts its collective mind to it, can achieve incredible things. And when it gets creative, it gets really creative. Enter Goncharov, the 1973 Martin Scorsese gangster film whic...

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