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November 17th 2022

#141: Do People Care About Christmas This Year?

Today we’re here with a festive focus. Christmas is bearing down on us; its red and green lights twinkling in the distance, carols carried softly on the winds of time, the smell of cinnamon and log...

November 4th 2022

#140: The State of Social

We recently launched our State of Social report, which analyzed hundreds of millions of social posts about brands from 15 industries to see how consumers talk and behave online. In today’s bulletin...

October 28th 2022

#139: The Big Ick

Social media is a breeding ground for slang, spreading real world phrases far and wide and producing new ones entirely. One such example is “the ick”, and in today’s bulletin we’re explaining what ...

October 21st 2022

#138: Fasting Fads

Food fads and trends come and go at blistering speeds. Remember when everyone was making dalgona coffee at the start of the pandemic? Or the endless Instagram snaps of homemade banana bread? In tod...

October 14th 2022

#137: Spilling the Tea on Tea

Nearly everywhere you go in the world, you’ll find a cup of tea. A diner in New York’s backstreets, a ferry crossing the Bosphorus, the heights of Mt. Everest—tea is one of the most universally-lov...

October 7th 2022

#136: Red Flags, Pick-up Lines, and Dating Apps

Today we’re diving into the world of data, specifically looking at the rise of red flags, apps, and pick-up lines. Let’s get to it.

September 30th 2022

#135: Cost of Living Fear and Loathing

Welcome to today’s bulletin. We’re taking another look at the cost of living, and finding out the biggest concerns for people and what they’re doing to counteract rising costs. Let’s get to it.

September 23rd 2022

#134: A Fall Data Special

Feeling the urge to hole up in a cozy coffee shop in a big coat and wooly hat? You’re not alone. The fall season has arrived and people are more excited about it than usual, according to our ...

September 16th 2022

#133: How 2022 Has Made Us Feel

Welcome to today’s bulletin full of analysis on how we’ve been feeling this year. A quick note: all of this data was collected prior to the death of Queen Elizabeth II and so includes no reactions ...

September 2nd 2022

#132: We Need To Talk About Money

Energy bills are soaring, and food prices are rocketing. In this bulletin, we look at how the conversation around the cost of living has changed in the last two years and the impact on people’s per...

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