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Community Engagement

Today’s connected customers expect personalized communication and swift turnarounds on queries. That begins with a clear idea of who you’re talking to.

One social CRM
tool for 1:1

With all your incoming messages in one view with multiple feeds, it’s easier to maintain an overview and quickly respond to individual queries.

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Know who you're talking to

Make each customer feel valued through personalized communication. Our profile cards introduce the individual you’re dealing with and their interaction history. You can also import your other CRM data.

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Don't keep them waiting

Keep customers satisfied with rapid responses. Our inbox prioritizes messages based on sentiment and other parameters. You can also set target response times for employees.

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Make experiences seamless

When someone interacts with your brand on more than one channel, the handover on your side should be seamless. Profile cards and team notes help maintain a quality customer experience across touchpoints.

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Discover how our community engagement solution can help you increase engagement with a no-obligation, live platform demonstration.

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Falcon.io is now part of Brandwatch.
You're in the right place!

Existing customer?Log in to access your existing Falcon products and data via the login menu on the top right of the page.New customer?You'll find the former Falcon products under 'Social Media Management' if you go to 'Our Suite' in the navigation.

Paladin is now Influence.
You're in the right place!

Brandwatch acquired Paladin in March 2022. It's now called Influence, which is part of Brandwatch's Social Media Management solution.Want to access your Paladin account?Use the login menu at the top right corner.