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Published November 18th 2019

3 Awesome Ways to Use Audience Uploads

You can now explore custom audience data to gain deeper insights on your target consumers

Understanding consumers in any market can be challenging and, without key information, tailoring your products and campaigns to make sure that they resonate with your consumers can become impossible.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a platform that could give you insight into what your consumers want and need quickly and efficiently?

You’ve come to the right place.

With the latest feature for Brandwatch Audiences, Audience Uploads, you can now upload any list of Twitter handles and discover what makes that particular audience unique.

Here are three of the awesome ways that you can explore your own audience data using Audience Uploads.

1. Discover hidden interests within an existing market

Let’s say you’re a large fashion retailer and have a group of engaged customers that are also new mothers. You might know the products they buy, the feedback they give you, and the complaints they raise. But there’s an opportunity to find out much more.

By uploading your list of engaged customers into Audiences, you can start to see patterns within the group including their professions, interests, and more.

In this example, we were able to find that the majority of these new mothers were also much more likely to be interested in yoga and pilates in comparison to the average tweeter.

With this valuable insight, you might decide to connect with a yoga influencer to help market your products, or perhaps your visual merchandising team will simply move the sports bras a little closer to the nursing bras in store. Maybe you’ll even make a brand new product especially for this market.

Audience Uploads enables you to gain access into the specific demographics that make your customers unique, including the Twitter accounts they follow, and the keywords in their bio. Simply import a list of custom audience data into Audiences to learn more about these people, ensuring your brand knows what kinds of campaigns excite and delight them.

2. Explore newly discovered markets

Let’s say you’re expanding from a UK-specific market to a US one. How can you know if consumers in the US will respond in the intended way to your marketing messages? How do you know who your competitors are and which are dominating? How can you learn more about the individuals within this market, and what they want and need?

With Audience Uploads, you can now upload Twitter handles exported from anywhere to gain further insight into a specific group of people, giving you total flexibility with your audience data.

This means that if you uncover a potential new market within a digital consumer intelligence platform like Brandwatch Consumer Research, you’ll be able to find out more about the very real people in this market that are discussing your brand or products, even if you have never interacted with them before.

Discover their interests. Explore their professions. Get to know them.

3. Learn more about the most popular authors

Maybe you’ve had success with influencer marketing in the past and are looking to explore this once again. But how can you ensure that the influencers you’re approaching will resonate with your target market?

By importing your own custom list of engaged individuals, you can begin to explore and gain even more insight about them including the influencers likely to appeal to them.

Who knew that so many hardcore sports fans were dog owners? Or that a lot of education professionals in London were also interested in interior design? The possibilities for discovery are vast, and can help you to connect with the right people to ensure that your influencer marketing strategy is appealing to your consumer base.

What’s more, when combining Audiences with a digital consumer intelligence platform like Consumer Research, you can…

  1. Use Consumer Research to discover new conversations
  2. Filter your data to explore the most popular conversations, and the influential people behind them
  3. Export author data from Consumer Research, and then import it into Audiences using Audience Uploads to uncover the demographics and interests of these influential people

With Audience Uploads, the Audiences platform just got a whole lot more exciting for those looking to get to know their target consumers better.

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