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Published September 30th 2022

Why You Should Care About Using Fonts on Instagram

Here’s how to use Instagram’s different font capabilities to solidify your branding on social media.

Instagram has a number of in-built font options for its Stories, as well as capabilities to import fonts to use on your profile and within posts from online generators. These fonts are an ideal way to solidify your branding to your followers on a daily basis.

From cursive to italics, there are plenty of fonts to choose from. Here’s how to maximize your branding using Instagram fonts.

Why should you use different fonts on Instagram?

Fonts can transform your brand. According to the advertising agency Different Perspective, fonts have their own personalities. “You must make sure that the personality of your fonts match with the personality of your brand.”

If your brand is bold and loud, you’ll need to choose a font that is also bold and loud. If you’re opting for more of a sturdy, trustworthy brand personality, your font choice should reflect this.

As every Brand Manager knows, your brand’s personality needs to seep into every area of your business – including your social media presence. The fonts you use on Instagram are just as important as those you use for your website.

On a lighter level, font choice also evokes different emotions from your audience. For example, if you’re using a cursive font to convey a serious, important message, you’re less likely to be taken seriously.

Using different fonts on Instagram Stories

You can cycle through the different fonts on Instagram Stories by creating some text. The fonts will pop up above your keyboard, so you can filter through them to see what works best for your brand.

It’s a good idea to be consistent with your font choices so your audience can better recognize your Story style. If you usually use a certain font and color, stick with this for all your posts and standardize it with your marketing team.

Here are the fonts available on Instagram Stories. If you don’t have all of these available in-app, try updating your Instagram to the latest version. Alternatively, check your operating software, as iOS and Android can use different font versions.


Modern offers a simple, tall font. Offering a modern take on sans-serif fonts, this option is perfect for more serious messages to add professionalism to a Story or for an everyday font that can be used across all use cases.


Neon is a new cool font for Instagram, adding a cursive yet bold touch to a delicate font. Use this to add a pop of fun to any Instagram Story, but avoid using it for lots of text as it can get difficult to read in large doses.


Typewriter is a take on a classic old-style font. Offering an easily accessible option to use for any occasion, Typewriter provides a sturdy, trustworthy serif font for Instagram.


Classic is the perfect versatile font. Whether you want to share an important message or a long paragraph, using classic for your brand’s Instagram presence can add structure to your Stories.


Strong comes with an in-built drop shadow and is slightly italicized. It’s the perfect font for a study, trustworthy brand looking to add some fun to its Instagram content.


This childlike font is perfect for a younger audience or a more adventurous brand. Comics has a sense of childishness associated with it, so try not to use it if your brand is more sophisticated.


This is an excellent choice for a more sophisticated font, perfect for adding extra flare to your Stories. This can be used for both short announcements or long sections of text as it’s very readable.


Simple is full of versatility and can be used for any use case. However, as it’s quite basic, you might be better off combining this with alternative fonts for extra excitement.

Instagram bio fonts and how to use them

On top of the different fonts on Instagram Stories, it’s also possible to use a variety of fonts on your brand’s Instagram profile. These fonts can be copied and pasted from various free and paid font generators into your bio, posts, or profile. They play on the basic Instagram fonts so you can stand out to your audience.

It’s worth noting that these fonts might interrupt Instagram’s in-built SEO features, meaning you might not appear in search results for your target keywords. Equally, Instagram blocked certain characters from appearing on profiles, so check that your chosen characters work correctly on both mobile and desktop.

Free and paid Instagram font generators

There are a number of free and paid font generators available for you to copy and paste to Instagram or other social media platforms. Metatags.io allows you to select from dozens of font options and also gives you a visual preview of how the characters will look on your Instagram or Twitter profiles.

Alternatively, you can create your own font on instafonts.io and select from hundreds of pre-selected characters to make your own alphabet.

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