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Published July 30th 2013

Case Study: the Social Studies Group & ‘Netnography’

There are many weird and wonderful ways in which Brandwatch can be used to excel business performance. We find it particularly interesting discovering new, thought provoking ways in which our clients use our tool to help meet their objectives and achieve their goals.

This year we have already seen how the MPAA tracked the social Oscars and how Sky News Arabia use the tool for fast-response journalism, as well as plenty of other case studies that highlight the potency of using Brandwatch.

But how do other industries use it? The Social Studies Group (SSG) is a market research firm that uses social media data to help companies better understand their customers.

Read how the SSG and a consumer electronic giant did some REALLY clever things with a monitoring tool in the full case study here


They use social media monitoring to overcome several significant data challenges, which include isolating consumers’ discussions, social media search queries and capturing consumer sentiment.

To tackle these, SSG has to create layers of depth in their queries.

First, they create a broad search query to gather all the information needed, and then they create a further refined set of search queries to uncover valuable insights within the data set.

Wendy Scherer, Social Studies Group’s Managing Partner said

“It’s amazing all the ways you can slice and dice data in Brandwatch versus other systems”.

Among SGG’s clients is a global personal technology device company (that we can’t name: sorry!).

It wanted to identify consumer opinions on the user experience features for several of its new models.

Leveraging the detailed data break-downs, SSG created personalised dashboards that visualised each attribute they were searching for, allowing them to identify what customers think about their client’s products.

For example, the figure below demonstrates how they divided opinions on ease-of use.



They were also able to isolate consumers by detailed groupings such as purchase location, stage of buying cycle, focus of UX qualities and emotions and opinions.

This enabled SSG to deliver numerous in-depth model comparisons to their clients’ different products and competitors’.

Also, the ability to drill into the data meant information on purchase drivers, qualities, emotions and opinions across all models were provided in the comparison reports (below). This process achieved great results, proving the power of an accurate query.




What would their advice be for discovering such in-depth information? Wendy Scherer said

“we have a best-practice tip for all Brandwatch users, anticipate terms that will likely be significant, then leverage Brandwatch’s flexibility to scan for alternative words, spellings, and colloquial terms that are related”.

Organising data effectively provides a great discovery tool, and allows you to dive deeper into insights, information and learn more about your audience.

To read more about how the Social Studies Group use tailored queries and detailed data break-downs to improve their service, read the full case study here.



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