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Published December 17th 2019

2020 Insights: 4 Consumer Trends for the Hotel Industry

What does Brandwatch data tell us about the hotel industry? We found four key insights for the coming year.

We surveyed 8,000 people around the world and studied social posts around key topics and industries to identify emerging shifts in consumer behaviors and preferences ahead of the new year.

Here are four key trends for the hotel industry in 2020.

Note: If you want to get more detail on the data to look at more wide-scale trends, make sure to check out the report itself.

1. Food is your friend

They say food is the way to a person’s heart. It turns out, it can also be a direct route to customer praise. Breakfast is a key player in conversations for hotel-goers globally.

When it comes to budget options, food is a common topic in both positive and negative conversations – indicating it can be a make or break issue for many guests.

For pricier hotel options, breakfast was rarely mentioned negatively but did appear in positive conversations (clearly earning brands a few extra brownie points).

2. Temperament matters

Who doesn’t like to be greeted with a smile? Hotel goers expect staff to be happy and helpful – and they’re vocal about it.

For budget hotels, the online conversation around staff members tends to be positive, although the survey below (conducted using Qriously) indicates that excellent customer service isn’t always an expectation for guests on a budget. So when budget hotel visitors do receive exceptional service, they’re happy to praise staff on social.

On the other hand, luxury hotel goers are much more likely to negatively call out staff online if they’re not happy with the service they get.

Either way, a friendly face clearly goes a long way.

3. Budget buyer expectations vary by country

For visitors with a budget-friendly focus, you’d think affordability would top the list everywhere as an important factor in choosing a hotel. However, expectations vary considerably across the globe.

In Mexico and Spain, hotel-goers believe convenience is a top priority. Respondents in Signapore don’t seem worried in the slightest about friendly customer service. Meanwhile, those in the UK and US are more concerned about the price tag.

4. Guests will pay for quality

When people pay for a luxury hotel, they expect to see quality.

However, quality looks different for different countries. For example, Germany was far more interested in quality translating to convenience whereas French respondents felt particularly strongly about ‘innovative products or services’ in the hotel industry.

Bottom line: Consumers will pay more but they want to see their dollars in action during their stay.

Our key takeaways

A good breakfast, a convenient stay, and reasonable rates – this seems to be the recipe for an enjoyable hotel stay for most consumers. When money is a factor, adding a generous portion of quality across all aspects of the customer experience certainly goes a long way.

But the most important ingredient of all just happens to be the simplest. Never underestimate the power of good service. Whether customers are shelling out the big bucks or on a tight budget, a smile can go a long way.

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