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Published February 12th 2015

Creation Pinpoint: Finding the Voice of the Healthcare Professional

Pharmaceutical and healthcare giants need a wealth of strategic insight and business analysis behind them to conduct their operations successfully.

Understanding the views of working healthcare professionals is the first step toward leading a campaign of engagement and advocacy – but few possess the power to do so.

Creation Healthcare has been advising the world’s largest pharmaceutical firms for 17 years. Using the Brandwatch API, they created Creation Pinpoint: a comprehensive resource for studying the public social media behaviour of healthcare professionals.


Creation Pinpoint has been a massive success story for Creation Healthcare and its clients. Offering unrivalled insight into the views of healthcare professionals, Creation Healthcare’s research business grew by 600% in six months.

About Creation Healthcare

Working in over 20 countries, Creation Healthcare in an online market research company for the healthcare industry.

Established in 1998, it has been at the forefront for offering strategic and business insights to pharmaceutical and healthcare organizations.

As more healthcare professionals conduct their conversations online, Creation Healthcare saw an opportunity to understand and engage with professionals like never before. They set out to make the best research tool for understanding healthcare professionals.

Quickly, Brandwatch emerged as the best platform to power this vision.

Addressing the knowledge gap

Healthcare professionals don’t own widely visible broadcast channels therefore the task of monitoring and analyzing professional profiles across thousands of small websites, forums and social network seems impossible.

Using Brandwatch’s API, Creation Healthcare unlocked data that previous market research efforts would skim over.


Finding the ‘voice’ of the healthcare professional is complicated further by the amount of noise surrounding pharmaceuticals.

Spam websites and non-professional views could be filtered out with Brandwatch’s powerful Boolean Operators and Rules.

This provided Creation Healthcare with reams of data and insights direct from the mouths of healthcare professionals, with no interferences.

Providing flexibility, speed and ease-of-use, Brandwatch’s API enables Creation Pinpoint to index almost half a million healthcare professional profiles across 24,519 healthcare-specific sites.

Faster, smarter business

Not only did Creation Pinpoint grow the market research business arm of their organization twofold, it has provided invaluable insights to Creation Healthcare’s 20 clients. For examples, clients have:

  • Spotted early concerns raised by healthcare professionals months before it appeared in patient conversation. The client was able to prepare messaging to prevent confusion.
  • Identified key online opinion leaders which client could invite to participate in focus groups and advisory boards
  • Combated a training gap by discovering nurses’ discussion of their uncertainty surrounding a particular product.

Like in many industries, pharmaceutical and healthcare organisations have recognised the value of utilizing social data. Brandwatch is proud to offer a platform which allows for unrivalled coverage matched with precise filtering and accuracy.

As more organizations embrace Creation Pinpoint (and the Brandwatch API which powers it), social data is finding its way into more and more business decisions in the healthcare industry.

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