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Published May 9th 2013

How Sky News Arabia are Pioneering Social Media in Broadcasting

As we develop our social media analytics platform, we spend lots of our time thinking about the practical uses that our clients may use it for. Though we consider many potential user types, sometimes innovative businesses themselves uncover new and powerful ways to get more out of Brandwatch.

One such industry we’re seeing rapid uptake of novel social media intelligence practices in is the broadcasting sector. Indeed, several media companies have recently invested in a partnership with Brandwatch, including the TV giant Sky News, or more specifically the Sky News Arabia venture.

Sky join a legion of other companies making use of Brandwatch’s leading capabilities in Arabic and the Middle East, both in terms of language options and the breadth, relevancy and granularity of its data coverage.

Read why and how Sky News Arabia use Brandwatch to gain the upper hand in their business in the full case study PDF.

The media company has not long joined the likes of BBC Arabic and Al Jazeera in covering news throughout the MENA region, and has added Brandwatch to its suite of tools in a bid to become the leading broadcaster in the region, by achieving:

  • Fast coverage that is first to the air waves
  • Credible, unbiased journalism that is well-conceived and innovative
  • Content that is highly accessible and responsive to viewer needs

Below are some of the techniques Sky News Arabia is employing to harness the full power of social media monitoring.

1/ Quick-Hit competitive intelligence

Sky News Arabia keeps tabs on not only its own performance online, but also that of its competitors. This includes owned social channels, perception of news stories and countless other criteria, which can all be monitored, benchmarked and compared within one web dashboard.

2/ Objective measures of perceived news quality

The flexibility of Brandwatch’s query-based searches allows Sky News Arabia to customise a system in which the quality of their output can be measured. This means that the institution can assess how impartial their content is perceived to be – an underlying tenet at the heart of the broadcaster – as well as judge the individual performance of each of its reporters in this respect

3/ More effective and continuous viewer engagement

Rather than simply tally follower numbers, likes and volumes, Brandwatch affords a level of detail that allows Sky News Arabia to carve out meaningful insights from their activities online. Managers now understand which tweets generate the highest buzz, which topics get re-tweeted most frequently, and who does the re-tweeting; granting them a unparalleled ability to efficiently craft their social media plan.

4/ Quality analysis of Sky News staff reporting

Adopting practices such as live-tweeting from breaking events helps boost Sky’s reputation as a breaking news source. Journalists’ ability to do this, as well as their performance in reporting and across social media, can be measured by the management team using Brandwatch for use in periodic reviews and general assessments.

5/ Streamlining operations

Sky firmly believe that in their industry, time is of the essence. Sky News Arabia takes full advantage of Brandwatch to remain swift and to get quality coverage out fast. Having data aggregated in one place makes it much easier to analyze the information and to focus on what’s important rather than spending time manually collecting information.

The full case study can be viewed here, in which you can read more about the ways it is using Brandwatch to enhance their social media intelligence operations.


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Combining high-quality mobile survey technology, a robust polling methodology, and expert data analysis, our bulletins will be essential reading to get the pulse of the nation.

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