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Published November 30th 2015

Insights Central: Become a Brandwatch Expert Without the Hard Work

We recently launched Insights Central, a hub where any user can explore real, live Projects created by Brandwatch’s own experts.

Now, you can copy those Projects to your own account, for free.

Get to insights faster

Insights Central is constantly updated with research on consumer insights, trending stories and events.

Now you can get behind the scenes to see how our experts create these Projects, start tracking them yourself, or get inspired to create your own.


We’ve also added new Sector Reports and ExpertBuilt Projects designed by our highly skilled Professional Services team.

With the ability to copy these Projects, we’ve transformed the way you are going to experience the Brandwatch platform, making it faster and easier than ever to get to the insights that really matter to you.

Insights Central

Expert Built and Sector Reports

ExpertBuilt Projects are designed to show how social intelligence can be used for key use-cases.

They use real examples so you can see how brands might collect, sort and analyze data and set up Dashboards for:

  • Influencer Marketing
  • Content Strategy
  • Campaign Measurement
  • Brand Monitoring
  • Reputation Management
  • And many more coming soon

There’s plenty to discover just by exploring these Projects as they are.

But, you can also copy them to your own account and edit them to create a working use-case Project for your own brand.


Sector Reports compare the top social brands and their online audiences in a specific industry.

Once you’ve copied one of these you can add your brand’s Channels and key competitors and leaving you with an instant live report of your own competitive social landscape.

Sector Report: Luxury Fashion

How does it work?

You can open any of the Projects in Insights Central in view-only mode.

Copy the Project to your own account by clicking “Want full control?”.

It’s as if you created the Project yourself. You’ll start collecting Mentions from the moment you’ve made a copy.

You can backfill the data to pull in older Mentions. You can also edit and re-save any of the Queries, Rules and Dashboards.

For example, once you’ve copied the ‘Apple Watch: Intent to Purchase’ Project, you can change the Query to look for your brand or product name instead.


For some of the more complex ExpertBuilt Projects, you could take a look at the Rules, Categories and Tags, see how they work and make them relevant to you.

A Rule that applies positive sentiment to the #AllDayBreakfast campaign can easily be changed to work for one of your own hashtags.

You don’t need to be an analyst

Working with social data has become a requirement for almost any job in a modern business.

That’s because the insights that smart technology and analytics can uncover from the social web can be applied to all kinds of different use-cases, from brand monitoring and reputation management, to market research and product development.

McKinsey analysis of a recent ANA survey showed that the ability to make data-driven decisions is the fastest growing priority for marketers, but only 10 percent believed they were “very effective” at using insights into customer behaviors.  

We want to change that.

We know your time is best spent acting upon these insights, not setting up complex Queries and Dashboards in order to generate them.


With Insights Central, anyone can start using Brandwatch at the point of insight.

You don’t need to be a seasoned analyst to get to the insights you need. You can copy and customize the Projects that match your specific use-case and start collecting social intelligence, saving you time and helping you make better business decisions.

But if you are an analyst, you’ll love it too

Brandwatch still offers the most advanced and customizable data-handling capabilities on the market.

For those who like to push the limits of what it is capable to achieve with our technology, Insights Central offers the chance to take a look under the hood.

Copying a Project lets you see and edit all the Queries, Rules, Lists, Dashboards and Filters that our experts have created. Discover how to:

  • Track ‘intent to purchase’
  • Set up a spam filter
  • Use Categories to create custom charts

Or, learn how a brand like Virgin can be cleanly tracked without pulling in mentions about the other kind of ‘virgin’. There’s so much more to be explored.

Creating a community

The Brandwatch Community Forum, the first truly social space for social intelligence analysts,launched recently, where users can share ideas, tips and insights.


Soon we will be expanding the scope of Insights Central as well, allowing anyone to share and collaborate with other power users, inform the future development of the Brandwatch platform, and make a name for themselves.

Login to Brandwatch and start exploring Insights Central today, or request a demo to learn more.

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