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Published November 18th 2019

Introducing Audience Uploads

There is an increasing need for brands to not only listen to their consumers, but also to understand them. Find out how Audience Uploads can help.

With the latest feature from Brandwatch Audiences, Audience Uploads, you can now upload any list of Twitter handles to discover what makes that audience unique.

Curating your audience list

Audience Uploads gives you the flexibility to upload a list of Twitter users that you’ve curated or discovered in another digital consumer intelligence platform, like Brandwatch Consumer Research, to explore more deeply.

Consumer Research can help you explore trends within a topic, but you might also be curious to learn more about the people discussing it.

Let’s get into the finer detail to show you how Audience Uploads can help.

Let’s say you’re running a marketing campaign targeting females in the UK that are interested in football. Insights on what those people talk and care about will help you to create a better campaign.

With Audience Uploads, you can now import Twitter users that you know fit this demographic into Audiences, enabling you to delve much further into what they want from a campaign.

Being able to understand your client base and how they’re made up is vital for your business. And, with this new feature, you can upload any audience list that you’ve curated, whether it consists of the Twitter handles of existing engaged customers, or perhaps those that have had been complaining about your brand.

Looking at those groups in Audiences, you can better understand what they have in common and what makes them different from other groups.

Deeper understanding

So, you have uploaded your custom audience list.

What’s next?

By leveraging all of the powerful features available within Audiences, you’re able to start gaining insights quickly.

You can explore the demographic breakdown of your audience including their gender, location, profession, and interests, to find patterns that you may not have known about before.

By exploring this information, you can also better understand how your audience is communicating online. Perhaps you’re already aware that your product is popular with busy mothers, but what you didn’t realize was that many of these women also have a common interest in yoga, mindfulness, and low impact wellness activities compared with the general population.

Audiences users can now use the platform’s benchmarking capabilities and relevance scores to understand what is truly unique about their consumer base, so that they can make informed brand and marketing decisions based on this.

Actioning those insights

The findings discovered within Audiences can be used to your advantage in a variety of different ways.

You could use Twitter Ads to target certain demographics within your audience list, resulting in a dramatic increase in your click through rate. This also means no more wasted resource advertising to people that are outside of your target audience. Result!

Using the Audience Uploads function, you can understand the content that your consumer base is sharing and engaging with, and also learn which emerging trends are relevant to them. This provides marketers with daily content inspiration, enabling them to target their consumers with information and content that interests and engages them.

Within your audience list, you are also able to identify any users who may be influencing the rest of the group. This could lead you to explore these influencers’ specific demographics, or even open up opportunities to work with them in the future. Who knew that a beauty blogger could have so many followers interested in interior design? Or that so many rugby fans are also dog owners?

These are the insights that help you strategically manage your influencer marketing strategy.

Audience Uploads shows you how to reach and expand your target audiences, giving you greater insight into your consumer and helping to supercharge your marketing strategy and growth.

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