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Published July 31st 2013

Launching the ‘New Brandwatch’: Better, Faster, Stronger

This weekend we are very excited to launch the ‘new Brandwatch’. Our users should notice that, in the coming week, logging in to Brandwatch brings them into a whole new world of goodness.

Now, don’t get us wrong, the ‘old’ Brandwatch was pretty hot stuff. However, it was based on something we built over 4 years ago, and we’ve progressed a lot since then.

Read more below about what’s changed, why, and how we got to the final, beautiful design we are launching this weekend. But first, take a look at our new video, showing off some of the key features of the new Brandwatch experience:

Why we’ve changed

As said above, our old user experience was built over four years ago. We’ve added hundreds of new features and bits of functionality since then, and the layout and design we’d started with no longer worked; it had become cluttered, and things weren’t always logically placed.

You can see from these two images that the layout had stayed much the same, but that menus and buttons had increased, resulting in a user experience that at times was a steep learning curve.


brandwatch 2009




We wanted to rethink it, from the ground up, to make a user experience that was even better, easier and more enjoyable to use.

What’s changed?

Our product team started by thinking about the pain points with the current experience. This had been on the minds of various members of staff for some time, and they all had various ideas and designs in mind. Now, they started to work together to come up with the best idea possible.

They challenged every assumption we had made over the years. They set up a user testing scheme, and analysed where people struggled most.

They made prototypes and then user tested these too. Then they user tested a bit more (‘learn measure build‘ is very much our motto when it comes to developing new products, and the cycle never stops).

The result was the super swish, fast, sleek new Brandwatch that you can see in the video above (we had to show it off, we couldn’t help ourselves; we’re very proud of it).

Dashboard Page

The changes have mainly focused on the ‘journey’ through the app and the styling, layout and menus. As you will see from the video, there were some key areas we focused on:

  • More structure

We wanted to make the navigation through the app better, and for everything – every feature, menu, option – to have a home that made sense.

The first step was that we knew we wanted to change the focus from Queries to Dashboards. Dashboards are what give you access to the insights from your data; they are the key. So we’ve put the focus on those, plus made the journey through the app much more logical.

Before, there were too many menu options, leaving some users confused about what to click next. We’ve made that more streamlined in order to make sure that users don’t get overwhelmed.

We’ve also added in some extra touches, such as including the option for a blank Dashboard so you can start your own from scratch.

  • Better flow

We wanted to make the app so that you had everything you need, at the exact moment you needed it. Thus, we have added the tools you need at every possible point where you might need them.

For example, you can now choose to create a new category at the point of adding a mention to a category, or when creating a Rule. It may seem a small thing, but those little things add up to a seamless and pain-free user experience. And who wouldn’t want that?

The new Brandwatch is also now much slicker and faster than before. That’s because there’s less clutter, less to load, and a much better structure underneath it all.

  • Collaboration

We know that, increasingly, our clients have large teams with multiple users accessing Brandwatch. We also know the importance of team work.

So, we have made it much easier to share and see all the Dashboards you own and have access to.

Moving forward

There are many other changes, such as the introduction of more help text, an in-app tour and so on, that make the user experience – for both new and advanced users – better. We hope you enjoy it.

For clients, we have set up a webinar that will take you through the new Brandwatch and show you where everything is now, should you be having any difficulties or questions.

For information on how to sign up, along with any general questions/queries/comments etc that you may have, please get in touch with your AM or the Support team (or read our user announcement here).

If you’re not a client, and you want to get your hands on this sleek, intuitive beauty of an analytics platform, get in touch. You won’t be disappointed.



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