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Published March 5th 2020

Now You Know: Our Wonderful Conference Won’t Be Going Ahead in June

Brandwatch CMO Will McInnes on what’s next for NYK US

Hey, friends.

On Monday we made an easy decision, and that was to postpone our wonderful Now You Know conference that was due to happen this Spring in the USA and do something different instead.

Now You Know! (Sorry).


Our logic is simple and I hope, by now, flamingly obvious:

  1. You, our dear clients, partners, friends, and community, probably won’t be allowed or want to travel
  2. The time and effort we’d be putting into booking venues, speakers, and promoting tickets and attendance (basically right now) would coincide perfectly with the escalating reality and fears around COVID-19.
  3. This event is a significant investment of our company’s resources – money, time, headspace – and the outcomes it strives for are too important to risk

No brainer.

What happens next is the fun bit

We have the time, desire, business imperative, and resources to still achieve the things that NYK strives to:

  • Educate our clients
  • Inspire our clients
  • Connect our clients, teams, partners, and friends

We’re investigating the different ways we can achieve these important, helpful outcomes.

From a creative place, there are loads of things we could do. Some obvious possibilities include:

  • A virtual event? A common decision others are coming to
  • A curriculum of digital experiences and learning could be helpful and have lasting value
  • Cultivating an online community, maybe?
  • All of the above in combination
  • Plenty of as yet untapped ideas and activities totally different to these…!

Plus, we may run the event later in the year. We can keep our options open on that.

If you’re a client, we’d love your input into this decision and will be in touch to find out what you’d find helpful. It’s about you, ultimately, and what you’ll get the most value from.

So more to come. And please let us or me know where we can help as this situation unfolds.

Register your interest here to be kept up to date on the latest news around NYK.

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