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Published July 24th 2018

Product Design: Why we’re redesigning our user interface

Today marks a significant day for Brandwatch Analytics’ design – a whole new component picker. Although this change isn’t the biggest, it represents a shift in how we’re thinking about design in Brandwatch.

With over two billion conversations collected in Analytics every month, we’ve long known that our platform provides a crucial role in helping our clients understand their customers.

Brandwatch has always turned to design to find ways to make our platform better for our users.

We know how a clear, intuitive design can help more users get insights out of Brandwatch, specifically on getting to insights faster. We notice that tiny changes in the speed it takes to complete an action has a huge impact on the number of people completing that task:

  • 400 millisecond faster in loading speed for Google caused eight million more searches 
  • One second faster checkout page for Walmart.com resulted in a 2% uplift in conversions 
  • Reducing load time by 2.2 seconds generated 10 million more downloads for Firefox

Which made us think, if we made it twice as fast to get data from Brandwatch, would you be able to collect four times – or even forty times – more insights?

That’s what we set out to solve with our Product Design team. They’ve looked across the platform attempting to find simple ways to decrease the amount of time spent working on an activity, by making it intuitive and user friendly.

Introducing the new Component Picker

Our new component picker makes finding the right visualization simple and quick, saving you valuable time.

Finding the visualization you need for your data isn’t always easy. It’s sometimes tough to know whether a Benchmark or Top Authors is best, especially for novice users.

That’s why we’ve rebuilt our Component Picker with a number of new handy features.

  • Smart search lets you quickly find the components suited to your needs. Say you’re looking for components optimized for Instagram, simply type ‘Instagram’ into the search and the relevant visualizations will appear.
  • Info boxes reveal key information about each component, including what the main use cases are, which views are available and a short description of what it does.
  • Favorites lets you star the components you care most about, adding them to a bespoke list to access at any time.
  • New categories group components in smart ways, making it easy to find the visualization you need.

Scroll through the gallery below to see the new features:

The goal behind all of these changes was to make Brandwatch more intuitive for the casual user.

That’s why we’ve deprecated some of our least valuable/used components like the old Topics Cloud and Summary component, and added more meaningful components like:

  • Sentiment over time
  • Volume over time
  • Page Type over time
  • Unique Authors over time

Just one of many

The Component Picker isn’t the only UI change made in recent months. In fact, the Product Design team have been hard at work weaving smart design into every new feature in Brandwatch Analytics. This includes:

  • Context menu available in Benchmark and Word Cloud visualizations that makes configuring your visualization simple
  • Smart pop-ups providing richer information about your data with just a click.
  • Full screen mode in the new Word Cloud for distraction free analysis
  • Explore which can add smart, pre-built combinations of filters to your data to help you quickly spot an insight
  • Benchmark a whole new visualization which automatically adds context to your data

Scroll through the gallery below to see the new features:

Context menu

Brandwatch image
Helps users quickly configure their visualization.

Smart pop-ups

Brandwatch image
Reveal extra information about your data in a click.

Full screen mode

Brandwatch image
For distraction free analysis.


Brandwatch image
Apply pre-built filters to your data.


Instant context around your data.

Get in touch

The Component Picker is one of many major UI changes we have made to Brandwatch over the last year.

You can expect more changes of this kind in the platform over the next six months as well. If you have any feedback, ideas, or comments, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your Customer Success Manager.

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