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Published May 14th 2014

Product Retrospective Q1: What We’ve Built This Year So Far

When you work for a fast moving tech company like ours, it can be pleasurable to every now and again stop, take a breath, and look at what we’ve been achieving.

So in this post I wanted to take a look back at the first quarter of this year and look specifically at all the wonderful product developments we’ve made.

We’re primarily a product company, and a large percentage of our workforce are part of the development team, who all work in-house. Our house style is agile development, allowing us to build an impressive amount of features, fixes and improvements to the Brandwatch platform.

We strive to have the best product on the market (and believe we do!) and, with fortnightly releases, the pace of development is fast – much to the delight of our users.

Twitter updates

Right at the beginning of the year, our design team and devs produced this beautiful interactive review of 2013 (told you we liked to stop and look back now and again!).

Major updates…

Last quarter, we had 2 major new feature/product launches for our flagship product, Brandwatch Analytics:

  • Demographic Insights
    In February, we launched Demographic Insights – a suite of data and components that help you better understand your audience by analysing their account type, gender, location, profession and interests, both as a group and individually. Powerful stuff.

  • Brand new API + Gnip Partnership

For those of you who know anything about APIs, you’ll know just how much work it takes to build and launch a whole new API. But we did just that last month, at the same time announcing a first-of-its-kind partnership with Gnip that allows our API users to retrieve full Twitter data through the API – a feature you can’t get anywhere else. The new API is also much faster, easier to use and better all round than our original one.

gnip partner

…and more

And then there are all the other improvements, updates, fixes and features that were released, continuously improving the system for users.

We won’t list them all here (though Brandwatch users can see the full list in our release notes), as this blog would get terribly long, but here are some highlights:

  • Usability improvements, such as new tooltips, better error messages and step-by-step guidance when creating Rules
  • Instagram coverage improvements, as well as improvements for Page Type and country classifications and ongoing coverage improvements
  • Revamped filters for Tags and Categories, including the ability to exclude (as well as include) Tags and Categories
  • Improvements to the Impact Score algorithm to make it even more accurate
  • Speed improvements, including to Rules, Top Sites, Top Authors and Top Tweeters

In addition, we launched 3 new Scenes for our data visualisation product, Brandwatch Vizia, as well as new Tiles for the Tiles Scene plus plenty of other features and updates, further expanding the flexibility and power for users.


All of that, in just 3 months. And, of course, we’re also working on upcoming features, some of which are incredibly exciting (but which I can’t share with you … yet. Sorry!). This quarter we’ve already launched some brand new Query operators.

It’s safe to say the development team are busy.

But who cares about all those good features without knowing how they can be used?

Well, that’s where our case studies and reports come in – have a read to see how all those powerful features can and are being used by some of the world’s biggest brands, in all different sectors.

Or, even better, we can show you live in a one-on-one demo.

Want to join the 1,000+ brands and agencies across the world using the most innovative, agile and powerful social listening platform?

Of course you do. Get in touch.

Want to join our development team and help make the best social media monitoring platform around? We’re expanding rapidly and are hiring for many positions, in lots of different teams.

Check out our careers page to find your next job – it’s a great place to work.


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