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Published February 13th 2017

Data Reveals the GRAMMYs 2017 Highlights on Social Media

The Brandwatch React team gets to grips with the data surrounding the stars, awards and drama, providing the GRAMMYs 2017 highlights on social media

From high profile performances to child-cameo-turned-meme, behold: the GRAMMYs 2017 highlights on social media.

Between 16:30 and 22:00 (LA time) the Brandwatch React team tracked 4.9 million mentions of the GRAMMYs across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

There was no shortage of drama.

The awards

We thought we’d take a look at mentions of each nominee for three major categories to see if it tallied with their chances of winning a GRAMMY. Looking at buzz surrounding the artists, songs and albums within GRAMMYs-related conversation on Saturday 11th February and comparing it to the buzz during the show, the results were mixed.

Record of the Year

Adele’s ‘Hello’ ate up the competition on Saturday as well as Sunday. A clear winner both on stage and on social.

grammys 2016 highlightsSong of the year

Adele’s win was even more stark when it came to Song of the Year, as she stomped all over massive hits like “I Took a Pill in Ibiza” and “Love Yourself”.


grammys 2016 highlightsAlbum of the Year

But wait! Adele didn’t appear to be the favorite to win Album of the Year at all on social. Her loyal following were nothing compared to Beyoncé’s and even as 25 won the coveted ‘Album of the Year’ prize it failed to overtake Beyoncé’s Lemonade.

grammys 2016 highlightsTo be fair, Adele may have been responsible for a lot of the Lemonade buzz on Sunday night…

The GRAMMYs 2017 highlights

Around 60% of the GRAMMYs online conversation was penned by female authors, which is no surprise given who ran the world on Sunday.

Beyoncé’s GRAMMYs performance gave us the first major spike on social media, followed by her daughter Blue Ivy wandering into shot while James Corden led a Carpool Karaoke segment. This moment, which was quickly meme-ified, was behind the highest peak in mentions for the whole evening.

The next biggest moments came from Adele, first in her tribute to George Michael (which she had two goes at) and second in her “Album of the Year” acceptance speech, in which she called Beyoncé’s contending album Lemonade “monumental”.

grammys 2016 highlightsPeople in the spotlight

Despite Beyoncé and Adele taking the top moments, it was Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Chance the Rapper that caught the most attention over the whole of Sunday. God and Demi Lovato also made significant appearances in mentions.

Our topic cloud reveals the top used words and phrases within the GRAMMYs conversation from Sunday: 

A look at the top mentioned tweeters on Sunday also proved interesting. Within the overall GRAMMYs mentions, predictably @recordingacad. @adele, @chancetherapper and @beyonce took the top four spots.

There was a surprise appearance from @bey_legion, a fan account dedicated to Beyoncé. We interviewed the owner of the account last year on how to build a huge following, and it appears they’re still going strong!


grammys 2016 highlightsWhat was your favorite moment from the GRAMMYs 2017 highlights?

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