React: House of Fraser’s Twitter is Having an Interesting Morning Trending

By Gemma Joyce on Feburary 1st 2016

British department store group House of Fraser’s 300,000 followers got a bit of a shock yesterday when a flurry of cringe-worthy “emojinal” tweets filled their Twitter feed.

The brand, usually more known for their luxury-focused image, had been posting tweets under the hashtag “#Emojinal takeover”- which included images of celebrities sporting emoji crowns and trumpets, an obscure “Harry Birthday” message to One Directioner Harry Styles and a peachy dig at Kanye West.

House of Fraser’s Facebook and Instagram pages were also plastered with emojis but did not match the volume of posts their Twitter account published.

Hack or PR stunt?

No one was sure whether the account had been hacked, or whether it’s an odd and fairly off-brand PR stunt by the international store.

Several tweets from the official account suggested that it has been compromised, including an emoji-filled apology.

According to City AM, House of Fraser said they would be testing out new marketing ideas ahead of Valentines Day. Could #Emojinal be part of these experiments?

It seemed so. Later the account tweeted that the emojis were part of a Valentines Day promotion and released an emoji filled movie quiz that rewarded players with Valentines Day discount.

Whoever was in charge of the tweets, they got thousands of people talking about it.

A very confused Twitter

Twitter was initially unsure as to how to respond to House of Fraser’s strange emojinal outburst, but here are some of the best reactions we saw:

What do you think of House of Fraser’s strange behaviour?

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