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Online Trends

Published May 12th 2016

React: Sadiq Khan’s First Week as London Mayor on Twitter

Brandwatch analyzes Twitter data surrounding Sadiq Khan's first week as London Mayor.

It’s now been a week since Sadiq Khan was elected as the new Mayor of London.

He has since been ridiculed, congratulated, attacked, had Katie Hopkins threaten to run around naked, and survived his first feud with Donald Trump.

We tracked 59K Sadiq Khan related tweets from Londoners over the last week to determine what the conversation looks like.


Election day scored Khan 23k mentions, and a lot of them were actually friendly.

CHART 1 Sadiq Khan first week menitons

There were 7.6k mentions of “congratulations” in the first week alone, and many celebrated his championing of “unity over division.”

CHART 2 Sadiq Khans 1st week Twitter topics

Jeremy Corbyn’s congratulatory selfie was also the top shared link of the week.

But not everything has been rosy.

The big issues

Londoners wasted no time in pushing the ideas that they want prioritised into the conversation. The top mentioned issues included demands over housing (a topic that dominated the whole Mayoral race) and calls for the new Mayor to put a stop to the controversial Garden Bridge project.

CHART 3 Sadiq Khans 1st week issues for Londoners

It was transport that proved most popular, with mentions of Khan’s “hopper” one-hour bus ticket a central theme. The Evening Standard’s article on the ticket was one of the top shared of the week.

Key figures

It wasn’t just topics that got people talking.

Khan’s opinions of Jeremy Corbyn and Donald Trump’s comments on “making an exception” for Khan, as London’s first Muslim mayor to visit America got a whole lot of attention. Khan also pledged to help Hillary Clinton defeat Trump, placing her at 5th most mentioned person alongside Khan this week.

CHART 4 Sadiq Khan first week people mentions

Katie Hopkins has also caused a stir by confirming she plans to run down the street naked after pledging to if Khan won the election.

She has since been warned she could be jailed for breaching public decency laws.

Meanwhile, Zac Goldsmith was involved in 3,124 of Khan’s mentions, and his sister Jemima Goldsmith’s tweet congratulating his rival got 6k retweets overall (with a chunk of those coming from Londoners).

Khan has now taken over the @MayorofLondon Twitter account, previously held by @BorisJohnson. Interestingly, he is yet to delete the previous Mayor’s tweets, meaning there are some strange quotes attributed to him.

After a dramatic first week, we look forward to seeing what else is in store for the rest of Khan’s tenure as London Mayor.

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