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Online Trends

Published July 24th 2019

The Most Popular Student Life Hacks Online

From the inventive through to the disgusting, student (and Brandwatch intern) Sam Pougatch takes you through some of the most popular student life hacks circling the internet.

Anything is possible with the student mind, one moment we are spilling a kebab on a night out, the next inventing a vaccine which could save thousands of lives across the world.

With little to no money, students are always creating ways to take shortcuts, try something new and reinvent the ordinary.

From creating ways to heat up cold food to using cleaning techniques never seen before we used Brandwatch Analytics to find out the best (and worst) university/college-related life hacks doing the rounds of the internet.

Note: Brandwatch doesn’t recommend doing anything in this list.

Food hacks

As students, we’d all love to eat healthy delicious meals regularly but normally find ourselves clocking up far too many meal deals a week, or creating sandwiches which, quite frankly, should be illegal. I normally flirt between ketchup and sweetcorn on toast or red onion and pea wrap with soy sauce.

However, according to our data, my inventions have made me look like Gordon Ramsay – there are plenty of worse suggestions out there.

Mastering the microwave

Being able to use a microwave properly as a student is crucial. This is down to two fundamental reasons, the first is defrosting. No one likes their chicken medium rare. The second is re-heating.

Things can be very difficult especially when trying to heat more than one plate up at a time. Or so you thought: balance the microwave

Keeping clean

Cooking is a hassle but tidying up afterwards? That is quite simply a nightmare.

Lucky for you with these two student hacks your cleaning duties around the house have just got a whole lot easier.

  1. Covering your plate with cling film before adding food means you don’t need to wash up, as this Redditor discovered.
  2. Or, you can simply take a picture of a clean sink and place it over the dishes. Easy.

Creative tools

Many student kitchens are woefully understocked with useful kitchenware. The correct appliances can’t always be found, and you’ll be lucky to find a frying pan which is clean and has a handle.

A sieve is a real luxury, but no worries if you don’t have one. Can’t find one next time water needs draining? Worry no more:

Money saving hacks

Money and students don’t get along, and this means that when something breaks, it doesn’t get fixed.


Firstly, the most annoying of them all – socks.

They seem to get a hole just by someone looking at them. But now, once that hole appears, the socks no longer need replacing.

Here’s @MayoAKA on both cake and socks:

On the theme of clothes, this person has decided not to buy bowls and instead use their hoodie. Genius.


We know that the microwave is the nucleus of a student’s kitchen, so what happens when that breaks and you don’t want to pay to fix it?

The iron comes out, and boy does it do a good job.

But what if the iron breaks?

Once again the student mind has worked its magic and there is a solution.


Getting ill is part and parcel of student life – hygiene isn’t necessarily at the forefront of everyone’s minds and cheap diets don’t always provide the nutrients we require to be at the top of our game.

Just like healthy foods, getting better is expensive. Well, it used to be…

Work hacks

Apparently at university you do some work at some point.

Most of the time this is a last minute job, and the motivation levels just aren’t quite there. If you hate reading, hate writing, and hate exams take these few tips from fellow students and never worry again.


Trying to finish a long essay consists of serving up waffle after waffle in order to hit the word count. But the word count has been hacked.


Even worse than writing an essay is doing the reading beforehand – it can be difficult to digest.

Speaking of digesting, this little hack will motivate you to read every single word.


Only one thing is worse than both essays and doing reading, and that is a test you haven’t really prepared for.

This highly questionable tactic may help you, although it’s risky – especially if you post about it on Twitter afterwards.

Make the most of your course

The last student hack which involves work has over 19,000 retweets and 134,000 likes on Twitter. We’re not sure it’s a good idea, though.

The ultimate hack

And finally we have my ultimate hack. Money gained, weight lost, and more energy for work – thank me later!

Although the ultimate student hack for some people is quite different:

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