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Online Trends

Published March 9th 2016

React: Twitters 30 Most Influential Harry Potter Super-Fans

Brandwatch uses Audiences to identify Twitters top 30 most influential Harry Potter super-fans

The last Harry Potter book may have come out in 2007 but the online community celebrating the wizarding world is still going strong.

J.K. Rowling’s ongoing commitment to providing new info to fans (mainly in the form of mega fansite Pottermore) and the upcoming spin-off film and play might have a little something to do with that, but much of the Harry Potter magic that continues online is user generated.

Whether it’s in the form of GIF sharing, joke telling, theory speculation or fan fiction, the wizarding world has taken on a life of its own online.

The Harry Potter fanbase, with many members coming of age as Twitter turned into a household name, is to Twitter as latté art fanatics are to Instagram.

That’s why we put together this 30-strong list of Twitter’s most influential Harry Potter super-fans.

Finding wizards among muggles

We used Audiences to identify and rank Twitter’s most influential Harry Potter fans.

Profiles with “Potterhead” or “Harry Potter” in their bios were ranked according to a selection of criteria, added together to create an influence score.

While followers, inclusion on Twitter lists, retweets and replies will help, the more influential the people they engage with, the better the score.

Here are the accounts that scored highest.

30. Madison @MadisonRamaget

This French blogger and vlogger with a huge following is a self-confessed Harry Potter obsessive. While not all tweets are Harry Potter related she’s a master of GIFs.

29. Aly Almario @iamAlyloony

From her profile picture to her tweets, Aly Almario is a Harry Potter fan through and through. She’s also a writer and a coffee addict with an impressive 86.7k followers.

28. SnitchSeeker.com @SnitchSeeker

Sneaking in at number 28 is SnitchSeeker.com who regularly posts Harry Potter related news to their 82.3k followers. The website, which includes news, images and fan fiction (we were too scared to click on the ‘High Security Vault’ mature section) is a hub of Harry Potter fun.

27. Harry Potter Quotes @TheHp_Quotes

For an account that doesn’t tweet much, these guys know how to get likes! There’s no messing about on this page. If you want Harry Potter quotes you’ll find a whole wealth of them here.

26. Kristina Horner @KristinaHorner

She may sound like she’s very grown up as a Community Manager at Microsoft, but Kristina’s a hardcore HP fan.

25. Pottertty @pottertty

This Spanish speaking account boasts over 40k followers and has some interesting endorsements…

Make sure you don’t look at their flashing profile picture for too long, it might do you some damage.

24. sondra / mikey pls?! @rosesclifford

So this one might be more of a Michael Clifford fan account than a Harry Potter one, but as a Potterhead with a solid 12k followers @rosesclifford had to make the list. They’re into DC comics, Marvel, gaming, cosplay and…

23. Joe Buscaglia @JoeBuscaglia

Joe’s a reporter for 7 Eyewitness News and a self-confessed Harry Potter nerd. While he’s more likely to be tweeting about sports than news, he’s still an influential Potterhead.

22. Kat De Castro @KatDeCastro

Here’s another so-called Potterhead who doesn’t tweet that much about Harry Potter. Saying that, Kat De Castro’s lively account contains a lot of pop culture fun.

21. Potterhead Probs @PotterheadPrbs

Featuring a lot of cute pics of the Potter cast before they grew up and went on to do even more incredible things, this humorous account might be one for you if you’re looking for a Potter laugh.

20. きなこ @kinako1103_

With 19k followers and an obvious love for all things Potter, @kinako1103_ shares the latest news from the magical world.

19. The Leaky Cauldron @leaky

Perhaps one of the longest running sources of Potter news and fun on the net, The Leaky Cauldron is a great place for Potter fans to be with like minded individuals. With 132k followers on Twitter it slides in at number 19 on our list.

18. Chaz Bono @ChazBono

Chaz Bono: Author, activist, actor, Harry Potter fanatic. This is a Harry Potter fan that likes getting political.

17. Greg Bennett @GreggyBennett

His big personality is only matched by his big love for Harry Potter.


@TheHPFacts promises facts, secrets and thoughts directly to your timeline. This account is definitely on the ball with the latest news.

15. Cheryl Montgomery @CherylAMnty23

Writer Cheryl Montgomery is a Ravenclaw and keen tweeter.  While she may not post much about Harry Potter these days you can definitely tell she’s a fan from her clothing:

14. Tatu Always @tatu_clow

Clearly a massive Potterhead, @tatu_clow got quite excited when rumours emerged that Daniel Radcliffe was in their home city of Bogatá, Columbia.

13. Harry Potter World @PotterWorldUK

Tweeting regularly to their 287k followers @PotterWorldUK are skilled at bringing their Harry Potter knowledge to the masses. They certainly know their anniversaries.

12. Harry Potter Quotes @hpotterquotes

With a whopping 290k followers, here’s another supremely successful quote based Harry Potter fan account. And boy, do they go to town on the tweets:

11. Potterish @potterish

Based in Brasil, this account is all over everything Potter. It’s got over 100k followers and tweets all sorts of Potter fun, including quiz polls:

10. Carlos Marco @CarlosAuryn

Part of boy band Auryn, you can imagine why Carlos Marco has so many followers. When he’s not working he’s a chocolate lover and a Potterhead.

9. Rebecca Sharrock @r_sharrock

Queensland based Rebecca is a writer, public speaker and huge Potter fan. While she tweets about lots of different things, her Harry Potter posts are always on point.

8. LRW Lee @LRWLee

@LRWLee is author of the Andy Smithson series and a big personality online. She’s a huge fan of Potter as well as Lord of the Rings and Narnia. If you’re a fan of fantasy books you’ll like her tweets.

7. Llámame Gonch @Gonch_ 

Based in Madrid, @Gonch_ is one popular Potterhead. It’s definitely not all that he talks about but his Potter GIFs could be a fun addition to your timeline if you’re a Spanish speaker.

6. Potter Texts @PotterTexts

If you’re scrolling your timeline and are sick of reading viral posts about real people you’ll love these fake texts sent by and to different Harry Potter characters.

5. HarryPotterReactions @PotterReacts

Here you’ll find quotes, competitions and hilarious GIFs. While some aren’t exactly child-friendly, this account definitely has a sense of humor.

4. MuggleNet.com @MuggleNet

Another long-running hub of the Harry Potter community, we’re not surprised @MuggleNet made it into the top 5. Their site is a great resource for any Potterhead looking for a break from Pottermore. They definitely love their trivia on a Tuesday, too:

And in case you were wondering…

3. Rowan Blanchard @rowblanchard

Actress Rowan Blanchard is a busy lady who tweets on all kinds of important subjects, but keeps Potter close to her heart in her bio. Never insult Harry Potter in front of her.

2. Horry Puttor @HorryPuttor 

While they’ve got an interesting take on spelling and grammar, this account tweets an incredible amount and takes Harry Potter puns to the next level. It’s the sort of humour that earns you more than 400k followers on Twitter.

We also couldn’t leave out this beauty:

1. Hogwarts Logic @HogwartsLogics

So here we are at number one with @HogwartsLogics. It’s an incredible account that tweets all sorts of funny, sad, thought-provoking and generally amazing Harry Potter content. Enjoy.

Congratulations to everyone who made the list.

These accounts are great examples of the diversity of the Harry Potter fandom, and make the ever-buzzing community a special thing to be a part of.

Saying that, they make up only a fraction of the overall network of Harry Potter fans online who generate an incredible amount of Harry Potter related wonderfulness every day.

Follow @BW_React for more juicy data.

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