5 Steps For Bringing Social Data to the Heart of Corporate Planning and Marketing Strategy

Real people in real situations, talking about real things in their real words and in real time. It’s like being given access to the world’s biggest and best focus group. Compelling, isn’t it? Market research transformed. Advertising planning reinvigorated. Customer service taken to new heights. Marketing campaigns informed by new insights into customer behavior and […] Read more

Commentary By Martin Thomas on January 9th 2018

Commentary: Discogs, Drug Deals, and the Dark Web

I’ve collected vinyl for perhaps knocking on thirty years now. My two older brothers would buy me Bowie albums instead of Lego; foist copies of Iggy & The Stooges ‘Raw Power’ on me as an eleven-year-old; and on one occasion when I was nine set up a mock radio station (extending the leads on the […] Read more

Commentary By Chris Owen on October 24th 2017

Don’t @ Me: Reasons Why Twitter Threads Are Great

So much has been written about Twitter threads of late that it’s as if a new social media platform with many thousands of users has hit the internet by surprise, ripe for thinkpieces on their merits and downfalls. Politico calls them “the compelling, incendiary literary form of the Trump era”. Deadspin says, in one of […] Read more

Commentary By Gemma Joyce on September 20th 2017

Going Viral: PR Is Not the Same As Publicity

You may well have seen ‘Should You Date Nate’ when it first went viral. When a narcissistic looking (and sounding) self-motivator effectively put his CV online in a bid to track down the woman of his dreams – one who could share in his success, ego, joie de vivre, ego, eccentricities, entrepreneurialism, ego, and his […] Read more

Commentary By Chris Owen on August 30th 2017

Curating, Bookmarking…Shaming? Six Ways I’d Enhance Twitter

Quick disclaimer. I’m not here to bash Twitter. It has its critics, lots of them, but I’m not one of them. I log in, scroll and engage in the platform every day. It is the best place for me to go and sift through the magnitude of junk that makes up the web, and find […] Read more

Commentary By Chris Owen on August 22nd 2017

A Journey Through Time: A Brief History of the Data Visualization

Data. Data. Data. It’s all around us. Essentially, everything we do or say can be regarded as a data point, and it’s not going to stop anytime soon. With so much data in the world, how can we possibly interpret it effectively and efficiently? Alas, we’re not the first to ask that question; for thousands […] Read more

Commentary By Emma Shanahan on August 10th 2017

Industry Insider: In Which Chris Owen Has Strong Opinions on Sandwiches

I was thinking yesterday about how important listening to customers is – it’s a topic that’s hammered into us. Industry press is constantly flooded with headlines on why the voice of the customer is so important.  “How can I lament on this for the Brandwatch Blog?” I asked myself. Well. Just listen. Okay, I’ll hold […] Read more

Commentary By Chris Owen on August 2nd 2017

Death of the Mall: Retail Brands Must Update Aging Approaches To Customer Experience

Southdale Shopping Centre, Minnesota, was opened in 1956 with people in mind. The building, celebrated as the first ever shopping mall, was designed by Austrian-born Victor Gruen who wanted to bring a slice of Viennese culture to the United States. Balconies were low so that customers could find stores on upper and lower floors. The […] Read more

Commentary By Gemma Joyce on June 22nd 2017

5 Ways Businesses Can Cultivate a Data-Driven Culture

The pressure on organizations to make accurate and timely business decisions has turned data into an important strategic asset for businesses. Booming data-driven has never been more important. In today’s dynamic marketplace, a business’s ability to use data to identify challenges, spot opportunities, and adapt to change with agility is critical to its survival and […] Read more

Commentary By Ronald van Loon on June 22nd 2017

Chris Owen: Dynamic isn’t Always Best

Tell you what, the A12 might have some wonderful British countryside either side of it (as well as a metric ton of roadkill), but what it certainly doesn’t have is a particularly rich vein when it comes to roadside eateries – unless you like the roadkill. I say this as I feel I should first excuse […] Read more

Commentary By Chris Owen on June 20th 2017

What the Rise of Online Sports Streaming Means for Traditional Broadcasters

In an age of Netflix and on-demand streaming services, sports events are arguably the last bastion of traditional television. Live matches bring people together in a way that almost feels quaint, whether we’re huddled on the sofa watching the Olympics or in a crowded bar for the World Cup. Recent news, however, threatens to upend […] Read more

Commentary By Natalie Holmes on June 2nd 2017

Tech Spotlight: From AI to AR, Emerging Tech Will Transform How We Collaborate

Collaboration is more than a buzzword. It’s at the heart of successful business—and never more so than right now, as expertise evolves and disciplines merge into each other. The future of work is arriving, and research predicts it “will be more networked, more devolved, more mobile, more team-based, more project-based, more collaborative, more real-time, and […] Read more

Commentary By Natalie Holmes on May 26th 2017

Commentary: The Loving (But Deadly) Kiss of Radically Flatter Management

Observing, and advising, businesses at close hand that are operating radically flatter management models can be like lifting the curtain in the glorious palace in the Emerald City – and revealing the sweating and jumpy Wizard Oz. Often these businesses pay some significant price for being liberated from the shackles of the traditional company set-up. […] Read more

Commentary By Jono Marcus on May 24th 2017

Chris Owen: Innovation Absolutely Needs to Start at the Top

Earlier this month saw the inaugural M&C Saatchi PR Curry Club – a laid-back meeting of (I’d hope) bright minds to chew the cud on a variety of topics, including AI – this month’s proposed theme, autonomous cars, and crowdfunding. Of course, as with all the best conversations, discussions digressed and tangents were taken – […] Read more

Commentary By Chris Owen on May 22nd 2017