Leila Johnston on Perceptual Gaps and the Other Virtual Reality

I’ve started to see digital as a wealthy but tragic Prince roaming through the Kingdom of the old school arts – a place where things like dance, storytelling, and music have thrived for centuries. The Prince spins glorious fabrics on a … Read more

Commentary By Leila Johnston on April 5th 2017

Message in a Bottle: Exploring What Happens When We’re Gone

Ensuring our ideas outlive us is a serious problem in the digital age. Not so long ago, we recorded our experiences on stone. We might be killed in a horrible hunting accident, but the stone went on telling our story … Read more

Commentary By Leila Johnston on March 22nd 2017

Commentary: The Importance of Making Data Beautiful

Close your eyes and envision data. What do you see? Are there numbers? Spreadsheets and tables? Graphs and pie charts? Or maybe just a bunch of 1’s and 0’s? Now consider the emotions those images evoke – how does data … Read more

Commentary By James Lovejoy on March 20th 2017

Leila Johnston on the Beauty of Bots: Taking a Look at The Many Faces of A.I

Anyone harbouring serious worries about a machine intelligence enslaving us all in paperclip sky-prisons within the next 10 years needs to take a look at SeeBotsChat. Chances are you’ve already heard about the adorably dada livestream from early January, in … Read more

Commentary By Leila Johnston on March 7th 2017

Making Senses: Humans as Cyborgs

What comes to mind when I say ‘cyborg’? Not the most comforting image, is it? I could give you a ‘cyborg Andrex puppy’ to play with, but you’d never be able to get past the possibility of a concealed laser … Read more

Commentary By Leila Johnston on February 15th 2017

Master Planning for CMOs: Leveraging CX Mapping to Harness Everything, and Everyone

Consumer Experience is quickly becoming the de facto approach to harnessing cross functional teams, multiple marketing platforms, analytics and reporting and a never ending number of media channels toward unified marketing goals. According to Forrester’s 2017 predictions for CX: “Whole-brained CMOs … Read more

Commentary By Dennis Wakabayashi on January 4th 2017

Commentary: Why Consumer Tech Brands Need Emotional Storytelling

The world of home electronics is fast-moving and crowded, with advancing technologies being unveiled every single day. Success depends on finding and engaging consumer tech customers before your competitors do, but the sheer scale of competition makes it all too … Read more

Commentary By Jon Mowat on November 1st 2016

Industry Insider: There’s an App for That

Look, I drink a lot of coffee – I know that – but I don’t drink gigglewater, so I’m allowed to have at least one other vice beyond chocolate and flamin’ hot Monster Munch. As a result of this, (the … Read more

Commentary By Chris Owen on October 6th 2016

Change Management: Transforming an Organization Doesn’t Have to Be Painful

Undergoing any kind of change can be fatal for previously successful businesses. Confronted with disruption, some companies struggle through a period of change which, as reported by Associate Professor at the London Business School, Donald Sull, can lead to active inertia. … Read more

Commentary By Natalie Meehan on September 8th 2016

Making Social more Legitimate: Getting Buy-in from Senior Executives

If you work with social data, you’ll likely have a frustrating background exposure to those that just don’t get it, for want of a better phrase. There remains something of a social and professional stigma around social media in general. … Read more

Commentary By Joel Windels on August 31st 2016

Going Underground: On the Need for the Right Channel at the Right Time

Last night, having trundled up London’s Carnaby Street and played Dodge The Dawdling Tourist as I approached Oxford Circus tube, I took the escalator down to the platform and merrily boarded the carriage heading north to Marylebone, where I’d catch … Read more

Commentary By Chris Owen on August 30th 2016

Guest Commentary: Mapping the Sophistication of Social Data Use-cases

Like many of the new markets carved open by technology, the social listening space has had trouble forging a strong identity for itself. From early terms like online reputation and buzz tracking to more recent phrases such as social media … Read more

Commentary By Joel Windels on August 24th 2016

Hiring for the Future: Building a Team Fit for a Social Business

Marketers, insights and analytics types at the world’s top agencies and brands often have something of an identity problem. The buzzwords of yesterday have become the jargon of today – social, digital and interactive teams have continued to struggle to … Read more

Commentary By Joel Windels on August 17th 2016

Going Viral: Nathalie Nahai on the Psychology of Shareable Content

Last month we were extremely pleased to have Nathalie Nahai with us as a keynote speaker at the Now You Know Conference. An incredibly beguiling presence, Nahai is a web psychologist, international speaker, best-selling author and the foremost expert in … Read more

Commentary By Natalie Meehan on June 21st 2016