Death of the Mall: Retail Brands Must Update Aging Approaches To Customer Experience

Southdale Shopping Centre, Minnesota, was opened in 1956 with people in mind. The building, celebrated as the first ever shopping mall, was designed by Austrian-born Victor Gruen who wanted to bring a slice of Viennese culture to the United States. … Read more

Commentary By Gemma Joyce on June 22nd 2017

5 Ways Businesses Can Cultivate a Data-Driven Culture

The pressure on organizations to make accurate and timely business decisions has turned data into an important strategic asset for businesses. Booming data-driven has never been more important. In today’s dynamic marketplace, a business’s ability to use data to identify … Read more

Commentary By Ronald van Loon on June 22nd 2017

Chris Owen: Dynamic isn’t Always Best

Tell you what, the A12 might have some wonderful British countryside either side of it (as well as a metric ton of roadkill), but what it certainly doesn’t have is a particularly rich vein when it comes to roadside eateries – … Read more

Commentary By Chris Owen on June 20th 2017

What the Rise of Online Sports Streaming Means for Traditional Broadcasters

In an age of Netflix and on-demand streaming services, sports events are arguably the last bastion of traditional television. Live matches bring people together in a way that almost feels quaint, whether we’re huddled on the sofa watching the Olympics … Read more

Commentary By Natalie Holmes on June 2nd 2017

Tech Spotlight: From AI to AR, Emerging Tech Will Transform How We Collaborate

Collaboration is more than a buzzword. It’s at the heart of successful business—and never more so than right now, as expertise evolves and disciplines merge into each other. The future of work is arriving, and research predicts it “will be … Read more

Commentary By Natalie Holmes on May 26th 2017

Commentary: The Loving (But Deadly) Kiss of Radically Flatter Management

Observing, and advising, businesses at close hand that are operating radically flatter management models can be like lifting the curtain in the glorious palace in the Emerald City – and revealing the sweating and jumpy Wizard Oz. Often these businesses … Read more

Commentary By Jono Marcus on May 24th 2017

Chris Owen: Innovation Absolutely Needs to Start at the Top

Earlier this month saw the inaugural M&C Saatchi PR Curry Club – a laid-back meeting of (I’d hope) bright minds to chew the cud on a variety of topics, including AI – this month’s proposed theme, autonomous cars, and crowdfunding. … Read more

Commentary By Chris Owen on May 22nd 2017

The GDPR: 5 Questions Data-Driven Companies Should Ask to Manage Risks and Reputation

Data is rapidly becoming the lifeblood of the global economy. In the world of Big Data and artificial intelligence, data represents a new type of economic asset that can offer companies a decisive competitive advantage, as well as damage the … Read more

Commentary: Ben Donkor on the Three Essential Skills of a Social Analyst

As I referenced in my last article, here are the skills I believe a social analyst should be working on now, and in the future. Let’s get to it. Less social, more digital Remember big data? That is probably one of the … Read more

Commentary By Ben Donkor on May 4th 2017

Industry Opinion: Hype Means Nothing Without Context

There’s an advert on telly at the moment from a major UK utility company – I won’t name the company, you’ll know it or have seen it – which is trying to encourage customers to adopt smart metering in their … Read more

Commentary By Chris Owen on April 26th 2017

Leila Johnston on Perceptual Gaps and the Other Virtual Reality

I’ve started to see digital as a wealthy but tragic Prince roaming through the Kingdom of the old school arts – a place where things like dance, storytelling, and music have thrived for centuries. The Prince spins glorious fabrics on a … Read more

Commentary By Leila Johnston on April 5th 2017

Message in a Bottle: Exploring What Happens When We’re Gone

Ensuring our ideas outlive us is a serious problem in the digital age. Not so long ago, we recorded our experiences on stone. We might be killed in a horrible hunting accident, but the stone went on telling our story … Read more

Commentary By Leila Johnston on March 22nd 2017

Commentary: The Importance of Making Data Beautiful

Close your eyes and envision data. What do you see? Are there numbers? Spreadsheets and tables? Graphs and pie charts? Or maybe just a bunch of 1’s and 0’s? Now consider the emotions those images evoke – how does data … Read more

Commentary By James Lovejoy on March 20th 2017

Leila Johnston on the Beauty of Bots: Taking a Look at The Many Faces of A.I

Anyone harbouring serious worries about a machine intelligence enslaving us all in paperclip sky-prisons within the next 10 years needs to take a look at SeeBotsChat. Chances are you’ve already heard about the adorably dada livestream from early January, in … Read more

Commentary By Leila Johnston on March 7th 2017