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Published October 9th 2013

Think You Know Marketing? The Ultimate Marketing Quiz

The thought of a marketing ‘university challenge’ may sound incredibly dull, and if you don’t work in marketing, incredibly difficult.

Well you’re wrong, and you should stop thinking those things.

On Monday, the Brandwatch UK marketing team participated in the inaugural ‘Marketing University Challenge’, as part of Econsultancy’s Festival of Marketing.

The best part is that it was all for charity, raising money for MediaTrust and Macmillan, which made our team name ‘It’s the taking part’ all the more apt.
Out of sixteen teams, we inexplicably finished second, proving what a brilliant, intelligent and otherwise lucky bunch of chancers we really are. We even only cheated on one question, and that was with the ‘phone a friend’ option, not the new-fangled smartphone internet searching kind.

There was no prize for second place – one of life’s toughest lessons – but we thought it might be a nice opportunity for you to test your marketing knowledge as we have taken the liberty of recounting some of the questions that we heard.

So, without further ado, here are the questions that our hazy, jaded minds managed to remember. The answers are available by highlighting the white text below each question, but have a go and see if you can answer them before you start peeping, yeah?

1. Who has more followers, Katy Perry or Lady Gaga?

Katy Perry

2. What is the total value of digital music downloads in the UK for 2012?


3. What animal does Seth Godin say that brands need to be like in social?

Purple cows

4. How many iPhones have ever been sold worldwide?

350 million

5. Which advert gave cats thumbs?


6. What is the name of the music closely associated with the Hovis adverts?

Dvorak’s 9th Symphony

7. Which telecoms company used the slogan ‘see what you can do’ in 2002?


8. Place these 5 regions in order of how much is spent on market research: North America, LATAM, Europe, MENA, Asia

Europe, North America, LATAM, Asia, MENA

9. Did the original PlayStation use cartridges or CDs?


10. Which brand is planning on sending 22 people to space?

Lynx (or Axe)

11. What percentage of Facebook users interact with brands: 1%, 7%, 11% or 17%?


12. Who directed Apple’s ‘1984’ TV commercial?

Ridley Scott

13. Tom Hooper recently directed which alcoholic brand’s TV advert?

Captain Morgan

14. What does the acronym ‘IDI’ stand for in qualitative research?

In-depth interview

15. Who is the current CEO of WPP?

Martin Sorrell

16. What percentage of Pinterest users are women?

Apparently 96%, but we’re not convinced about this

17. Motorhead were convinced to perform a more peaceful version of one of their songs for which brand?


18. Which brand began with the message ‘how do we make more money out of flour’ in the 1960s?


19. Twitter, AOL and TMZ all crashed in 2009: why?

Michael Jackson died

20. Google’s global revenue for 2012, in dollars (and for bonus, how much was through advertising?)

$50bn ($42m)

21. Which notorious and disruptive travel and tourism start-up began in San Francisco in 2008?


22. How many brand ‘impressions’ are the UK public exposed to every day, on average?


23. How much was Bebo bought for by AOL in 2008 ($)?


24. And how much was it bought back for in 2013?


25. Which brand’s advert saw a bear wrestle with a fisherman?

John West Salmon

26. What are the four Ps of marketing?

Product, Place, Promotion, Price

27. What are ‘snowballing’, ‘systematic’ and ‘convenience’ a type of?


28. What are the slogans of Audi and Adidas?

‘Vorsprung durch technik’ and ‘Impossible is nothing’

29. Name any three headliners of Glastonbury this decade

30. Which company will help Apple with production of their Retina display for the next iPad?




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