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Published June 27th 2012

The Path To Being More Private

In the day and age where everyone is carrying around a mobile device that quickly links you to any number of social media platforms, tracking devices or music it can some times feel suffocating attempting to keep memorable moments private. Perhaps the argument could be that if someone doesn’t enjoy being so public with their said “moments” they shouldn’t participate in Twitter or Facebook.

With platforms like Tumblr and Posterous to set up blogs generated around an individuals interests and passions, how does someone attempt to share the things they love in a more private arena?

The makers of the new mobile app, Path, believe they have the right equation for seamlessly joining the squeamish to public displays of content while still pulling in the passionate-public posting connoisseurs.

The company says: “Path is a modern journal for the modern age.”  It may very well be true that in this modern age people are more inclined to share short and sweet micro moments. People are moving to new cities, experiencing different cultures and cuisine… All the while itching to share these experiences with close friends and family cohesively.

The interface is beautifully designed and uniform, gliding you through ways to post, comment, and check in.  It is also super intuitive with memory on where you’ve been. Having the features of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Foursquare rolled into one simple device has caught the eye of around 3 million members.  And most recently caught the eye of brands and celebrities like Nike+ and Britney Spears.



Moving forward it will be interesting to see how the app grows as the number of members grow. Perhaps the now 150 people you can have on your Path will be increased or companies may utilize brand advocates in a more exclusive and personal way.

“Private by default.” may be Paths mantra but it’s certainly not the mind set for many. We oftentimes get bogged down with joining in on sharing or viewing all this content that is irrelevant to us and our close knit circle. Having the option to be in control of your moments seems like a great new path to be on.

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